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Pierre Frey: The beauty of French textiles

February 15, 2017

Pierre Frey was founded in 1935 by it’s namesake. The company has designed beautifully luxurious textiles for over 80 years. With 7,000 items under its large umbrella, the company has an amazing collection of fabric, wallpaper, furniture and decorative objects. With three other prominent brands under Pierre Frey: Braquenié, Fadini Borghi and Boussac, it’s no surprise that the scope is so wide-reaching.

Now run by Frey’s son, Patrick, and grandsons, Vincent, Pierre and Matthieu, this design company has stayed close to its roots by continuing to make the majority of their products in a Northern France factory… thus ensuring the high standards they demand… remain.

We love the innovative vintage designs that have been renewed for the 21st century. We love the colors and prints that were recently featured. And, we love the authenticity and loyalty to French design that Pierre Frey maintains! 

Titled, “Caribs”, this beautifully rich textile is made from 65% linen, 25% polyester and 10% viscose. Pierre Frey’s images of botanicals and fauna are also named, “Journeys Around the World”.

Image courtesy of: Pierre Frey

This stunning rose colored embroidered fabric, “Tashkent”, is made from 70% cotton and 30% polyester. The beautifully reproduced Suzani translates stunningly onto the cotton satin!

Image courtesy of: Pierre Frey

Who wouldn’t love this as a bedroom to grow up in?

Image courtesy of: Pierre Frey Magazine

With it’s new ALOHA collection, Pierre Frey demonstrates how ethnic inspired fabrics can truly work virtually anywhere!

Image courtesy of: Pierre Frey Magazine