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Bespoke Swarovski chandeliers!

October 25, 2016

With a special collaboration agreed upon, Swarovski decided to open the doors to show the world its shimmering workshop. On a creative level, Swarovski and Fredrikson Stallard have worked together for the past 10 years. Now, the Austrian Swarovski and the British avant-garde design duo of Fredrikson Stallard have again teamed together to create an inspired collection of 4 unique chandeliers.

Fredrikson Stallard was an integral part of each process along the way; from melting the raw materials in the kiln to the unique carving that took place. What an unexpected sight, a treat really, it must have been to open the oven and see thousands of hardened crystals inside! The “Glaciarium Collection” didn’t simply happen by chance, many creative minds intervened to produce the final product. We think it’s absolutely brilliant!

This year’s London Design Festival was the event that reinvigorated this great partnership. “Glaciarium” shows the complex techniques of crystal production by making the material the center of the designs.

Here, the “Avalon” chandelier looks like Swarovski, yet the shape is different and the structure is made from metal. 

Image courtesy of: Design Boom, photographed by: Mark Cocksedge

Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard “became” Fredrikson Stallard in 1995. Fredrikson is from Sweden and Stallard is from the UK and since they collaborated, they’ve been the recipients of many of the industry’s top design awards.

Image courtesy of: Fredrikson Stallard

The ‘”Voltaire” chandelier is so intricate, yet its core characteristics remain unaltered.

Image courtesy of: Design Boom, photographed by: Mark Cocksedge

Not the company’s first collaboration with Swarovski; in 2011, Fredrikson Stallard produced the “Iris Collection” for Swarovski Crystal Palace which consisted of 4 crystal and steel pieces resembling a human’s iris.

Image courtesy of: Design Gallerist