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Biedermeier Furniture: Unveiling the Whimsy

August 04, 2014

Image courtesy of the Christa Pirl blog.

Biedermeier furniture is known for being simple yet full of imagination! This furniture style was started in Europe between 1815 and 1845. This time period was a brief moment of peace during the Napoleonic War, where people were looking for creative outlets yet a return to simplicity. Even the name Biedermeier embodies this idea; the name was derived from a Character in a Munich weekly satirical journal that was written in the 1840s. The character preferred an uneventful, cozy life where poetry was more important than politics. To read more about the Biedermeier story check out the Louvre’s description. We absolutely love the whimsical nature of these chairs! They add character to every home. Additionally there is so much variety within the style that there is something for everyone. Enjoy!