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Azzedine Alaia has always loved art. Even before he could afford pieces, he started a smaller personal collection that centered around what touched him- the classics. His first substantial piece was a Roman torso which he eventually sold as a necessity to pay for his taxes on fateful year. Fast forward and Alaia is one of the world’s most sought-after couture designers… his love for art never evaded or diminished him.

 Gustave Eiffel is Alaia’s Paris headquarters in the Marais quarter of Paris. Within this old warehouse, Alaia conducts every aspect of his life… from personal to profession. He lives upstairs with his partner, Christoph von Weyhe, a talented painter in his own right, he works downstairs… where he is privy to and cognizant of everything that goes on and now, he has open Galerire Azzedine Alaia- a place to showcase his art.

Feeling that art is to be shared with others, Galerie Azzedine Alaia is different from both the typical museum and gallerie. The work displayed is returned to the artist following the exhibition, nothing is ever sold. The shows always have a personal feel to them, and are smaller and quite intimate. It’s clear that Alaia’s early career path played a part in this endeavor. As a young man, Alaia studied at the Ecole de Beaux Arts with hopes of becoming a sculptor. Head curator Donation Gran says, “In the gallery, we started with projects more related to fashion and photography. But, we’re expanding it now to more encompass this extraordinary community that surrounds the house.” Several years ago, Richemont, a luxury group, invested in Alaia which allowed for a second, full-time gallery space. Special commissions and exhibitions are booked a ways out and the list for future shows is long and prestigious.

Thanks Mr. Alaia, for sharing yet another one of your amazing talents with us!

The beautiful gallery was recently outfitted with gorgeous paintings by Alaia’s partner, Christoph von Weyhe.

Image courtesy of: Surface Magazine

Azzedine Alaia in his Galerie Azzedine Alaia.

Image courtesy of: Surface Magazine

Most of these Christoph von Weyhe gouaches have never been seen before. The Au Silence exhibition was beautifully displayed at the Galerie. Hamburger Hafen in der Nacht des, 200 x 140 cm, gouache on papier, 2004.

Image courtesy of: Art Daily, photographed by: Dennis Bouchard.

Alaïa and his St. Bernard, Didine, in Paris.

Image courtesy of: Surface Magazine, photographed by: Franck Juery

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A dreamy locale

March 10, 2017

Our friends at McKinnon and Harris recently gave us a present that we adore! The picture book The Gardens on the Alhambra Hill, A Mediated Vision by Fernando Manso is comprised of beautifully photographed landscapes of Alhambra Hill in Spain and quotes corresponding to the gorgeous landscape photographs.

Gardens have been a vital part of humanity for the last several hundred years. Specifically at Alhambra Hill,  which was built from the eleventh to the fifteenth centuries, the gardens have been an inseparable part of this uniquely special place.

Fernando Manso, the Spanish photographer who took these book's beautiful pictures, is magical with his lens and evokes a feeling of tranquility in the reader rarely found in today's busy world.

Alhambra Palace and fortress complex located in Granada, Andalusia, Spain.

Image courtesy of: Fernando Manso Expo, photographed by: Fernando Manso

Beautiful gardens! The quote across this photograph's page, "I want to understand the reason for so much harmony around me."

Image courtesy of: Paralelo20

The Gardens at Adarves within Alhambra Hill. The quote corresponding to this image is: "Water accompanies us the whole of the way and its sound causes the silence of dawn to break." So eloquent!

Image courtesy of: El Crusan de Audrey

The famous Spanish photographer, Fernando Manso.

Image courtesy of: The Huffington Post

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We've always been fans for Eric Piasecki's breath-taking photographs. They're elegant and enchanting, stunning and dreamy. This Cape Cod native who now resides in NYC recently took a trip to Japan. We are thrilled that he decided to put together a gorgeous booklet of his stunning photographs. 

Piasecki was quoted as saying the following "There is something about spaces, light filtering in, color and texture revealing themselves, which makes me want to create photographs. It's my addiction. Always looking and looking, then seeing a shot come together is all very exciting! And don't even get me started about places, too many to discover, and just enough to be certain I'll never get bored. Interesting faces, occasionally strange food, last light of the day streaking over the land, traveling is full of endless opportunities! These are the kinds of moments I try to share through my work." We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

All images courtesy of Eric Piasecki's "Japan" booklet.

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A competition was announced for architects to present designs for pit stops along the 5,772 mile long Trans-Siberian Railway. The world's longest railway is barren, deserted and isolated; and the air is usually cold along this route (which extends from Moscow to the Far East of Russia).

The London-based studio of Kamari Architects won the contest by proposing a series of wooden cabins which resemble elephant trunks. Traditional woodworking techniques will be used to create a form to showcase the train's movements. The elongated structures will be reminiscent of gabled cabins, slender and tall. 

Slightly raised from the ground in order to insulate them from the cold ground, these cabins are intended to compliment the landscape vs. overpowering it. Construction of 5 cabins will start in 2018. We love the idea of modern design "invading" Siberia, which accounts for 77% of Russia's land area. Here's to added beauty!

Perfect timing as the railway turned 100 last year!

Image courtesy of: Express UK

The traditional forms of architecture is what made Kamvari Architects designs stand out. These beautiful cabins are intended to provide shelter to the train's passengers.

Image courtesy of: Express UK

Sustainability at its best... the trunk will condense the air to minimize the need to cool or heat the cabin.

Image courtesy of: Express UK

We love how the cabins seamlessly blend into the landscape!

Image courtesy of: Dezeen

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