Donald Sultan's new style

April 16, 2017

Born in Asheville, NC to artsy parents, Donald Sultan became interested in art early on. Getting his MFA from The Art Institute of Chicago, Sultan became best known for his large-scale compositions of flowers and fruit set against dark backgrounds. Most familiar to many, "New Image" treatment is what Sultan's movement became known as. 

Sultan's "New Image" works might be the most recognizable, but it's his Industrial Paintings that we especially love. It's the dark side of Sultan... the" Disaster Paintings" were recently shown together for the first time in a national tour. The 11 paintings (from a larger series of more than 70) were created between 1984 and 1990. Depicting a dark palette and "everyday" disasters of modern life, they're meant to provoke apprehension and tinker on the verge of unconsciousness... just as you're awaiting for "something bad to happen".

Sad but gorgeous. It's appropriate that during this time of so many worldly disasters, we take notice and "take it all in".

Switching Signals, May 29 1987

Now through April 23, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth will feature Sultan's show.

Image courtesy of: SaatChiGallery

Donald Sultan, Polish Landscape II, Jan 5, 1990 (Auschwitz), 1990. Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, N.Y., Gift of The Broad Art Foundation. Courtesy of Lowe Art Museum.

Image courtesy of: My Art Guides

Firemen March from 1985.

Image courtesy of: My Art Guides

Donald Sultan, in front of one of his "iconic" New Image paintings.

Image courtesy of: Hamptons Magazine

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