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A dreamy locale

November 12, 2017

Our friends at McKinnon and Harris recently gave us a present that we adore! The picture book The Gardens on the Alhambra Hill, A Mediated Vision by Fernando Manso is comprised of beautifully photographed landscapes of Alhambra Hill in Spain and quotes corresponding to the gorgeous landscape photographs.

Gardens have been a vital part of humanity for the last several hundred years. Specifically at Alhambra Hill,  which was built from the eleventh to the fifteenth centuries, the gardens have been an inseparable part of this uniquely special place.

Fernando Manso, the Spanish photographer who took these book’s beautiful pictures, is magical with his lens and evokes a feeling of tranquility in the reader rarely found in today’s busy world.

Alhambra Palace and fortress complex located in Granada, Andalusia, Spain.

Image courtesy of: Fernando Manso Expo, photographed by: Fernando Manso

Beautiful gardens! The quote across this photograph’s page, “I want to understand the reason for so much harmony around me.”

Image courtesy of: Paralelo20

The Gardens at Adarves within Alhambra Hill. The quote corresponding to this image is: “Water accompanies us the whole of the way and its sound causes the silence of dawn to break.” So eloquent!

Image courtesy of: El Crusan de Audrey

The famous Spanish photographer, Fernando Manso.

Image courtesy of: The Huffington Post