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Fossilized flower furniture

February 10, 2018

Marcin Rusak, Flora Coffee Table I, 2017. Brass, and flowers in resin, 23 3/4″ H X 16 1/2″ W X 7″ D (table top). Image courtesy of Yellow Trace

Marcin Rusak, the London-based, Polish artist and designer could very easily have been a flower grower. As the son and grandson of flower growers in Warsaw, Rusak grew up playing in three acres of disused greenhouses which were remnants of his family’s 100-year-old-orchid-growing business. It’s no doubt that he’s always been fascinated by the flowers as a natural source of inspiration and decoration.

Each and every bloom is personally chosen by Rusak. Marcin Rusak, Flora Table (detail), 2016. 30″ H 75″ Diameter. Image courtesy of Yellow Trace

All pieces from the “Flora” Collection are made from fresh flowers set in resin. Furniture pieces are framed by patinated brass or blackened steel.

There are two collections… “Flora Temporary” pieces are made of fresh flowers cast in resin and the blooms will age over time. “Flora Perma” uses dried blooms which will continue to look as though they’re frozen in time.

Unlacquered screens from the “Flora” collection. Image courtesy of: Electric Trends

The flowers are arranged into an empty mold, which means that Rusak is working “upside down” as the flowers are read from the bottom up. Thus, he never really knows what the end result will look like. This process can take several days, and there are no second chances when you’re working with resin. Once the resin is poured, the flowers appear as though they’re suspended in space.

“Flora” Table Lamp. Image courtesy of: Interior Design

Rusk’s new collection was featured last year at his first US solo show at Twenty First Gallery in NYC. It was at London’s Royal College of Arts, where he developed the delicate process of printing discarded flower petals directly onto silk textiles. From thereon, it was a natural progression to translate his textile patterns onto furniture. His newer pieces (a console and wall light) were exhibited at Maison & Objet Paris. It was in Paris that Rusak received another 2017 accolade… the prestigious Rising Talent Award.

Rusak at his London studio. Image courtesy of Interior Design, photographed by Tom Pim.

Recently, Rusak added a more tropical vibe to his collection. Using tropical flowers gave his pieces a bigger, bolder feel. It’s important to note that Rusak gets all his flowers and petals from florists… all ones that are on their way out due to age. He feels as though they “show more life” because they aren’t perfect. Obviously, he has built up an extensive library of petals.

Paying to homage to the Netherlands where he studied Deisgn Academy Eindhoven, all of Rusak’s furniture pieces are produced in the Netherlands. We can’t wait to see what’ll he come up with next!