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Fujino Sachiko’s magnificent works

December 27, 2017

“Moment In White C”, 2012. Stoneware with matte glaze.

Image courtesy of: Asian Art Museum

Departing from traditional Japanese ceramics, Fujino Sachiko produces organic sculptures that have an ethereal feel to them. The Japanese artist began her career in textiles as a Kyoto fashion designer. Taking a pottery class in the early 1980’s helped her develop a passion for clay. Sachiko was lucky enough to study under Tsuboi Asul, the pioneering female ceramist.

“Interconnection ’15-10”, 2015. Flower-inspired sculpture with rectangular elements wrapped with petal-like folds and spray-glazed in matte black, light gray, white and light yellow. Stoneware with matte glaze, 11 x 14 x 13 inches.

Image courtesy of: Joan B. Mirviss Gallery


The ceramics that Sachiko produces reflect her background in textiles by imitating folding and tucking of “fabric” and transcribing it onto her textured stoneware. Using an airbrush device that sprays and occasionally using a colored glaze, she adds depth to the normally “plain” surface.



The artist on a hike!

Image courtesy of: Joan B. Mirviss

Of clay, and her work, Sachiko says, ““We see in nature an infinite number of relations that exist in delicate balance. There is a similarity between this balance with nature and the equilibrium necessary to create sculptural works. When I start my coil building process, the form is ever expanding and reveals itself to me through my manipulation of the clay.”

“Interconnection ’15-4”, 2015. Flower-inspired sculpture with curling petal-like folds and spray-glazed in matte black and gray. Stoneware with matte glaze. 16 x 19 1/4 x 15 1/8 inches.

Image courtesy of: Joan B. Mirviss

Sachiko’s smooth, layered forms evoke the beauty of a flower about to blossom. Coincidently, many of her pieces resemble flowers in nature. We love the organic feel of all her pieces… they certainly evoke calmness within.

As much as we’ve become familiar with her white matte pieces, the “black”ones are equally as mesmerizing. We love the matte look!

Reminiscent of a blooming flower!

Image courtesy of: Pintrest

More detailed than some of her pieces, this one has more depth and complication. Sachiko is different than other Japanese ceramic artist, yet she is able to seamlessly blend the line between new and old styles beautifully!