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Igor & Marina…Working Together to Create Beautiful Art!

November 06, 2017

Igor and Marina. Soul Mates, Oil on canvas, 46″ H X 70″ W. From the collection The Other Side of the Looking Glass. Image and details courtesy of Igor & Marina.

Growing up in Russia and graduating from a prestigious St. Petersburg Art Academy, it must been fate as artists Igor and Marina eventually got married and now collaborate on each wonderful piece of art they make.

Igor & Marina, Isabella. Triptych, oil on canvas, 68″ H X 124″ W. From the collection Renaissance That Never Was. Image and details courtesy of Igor & Marina.

What makes this possible is that they come to the canvas from completely different perspectives. Igor is masterful in appreciating how to play off abstract images. He also has a great sense of color… it’s never the color that overpowers the subject. On the other hand, Marina draws new images based off Old Masters’ paintings, specifically those of the Italian and Dutch Renaissance eras.

Igor & Marina, Rite of Spring. Oil, acrylic, and 32 karat gold leaf on canvas, 60″ H X 48″ W. From the series, All the World is a Stage. Image and details courtesy of Igor & Marina.



It was studying the techniques of religious Russian art, becoming especially inspired by the work of Andrei Rublev and Dionysius alongside those of the West European Renaissance, that brought Igor and Marina to where they are today. And by researching the deeply spiritual figures of more modern masters such as Chagall and Kandinsky, Igor and Marina were able to meld additional techniques into their works.

Husband and wife collaborative painters, Igor Kozlovsky and Marina Sharapova. Image courtesy of Metro Mix.

What we enjoy most are the subtle Russian influences that blend in seamlessly. Clearly influenced by their childhood, both Igor and Marina pay beautiful tribute to their strong heritage.

This talented duo says that their strongest influences are those of the Russian icons. Lucky for us, Igor and Marina live nearby Chicago. We were so pleased to view this exhibit in April at Chicago’s Zolla Lieberman Gallery.