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Inclusion & Innovation Abound at The Salon Art + Design 2017

November 09, 2017

With the fall art season is in full swing, we eagerly look forward to attending The Salon Art + Design show in New York City.

The Salon is a very unique fair: It is one of the elite international art fairs that combines styles, genres, and periods. Moreover The Salon is the one of the top fairs that exhibits both art and design together.

The Salon’s inclusion of both fine art and decorative art in the context of contemporary life allows patrons to visualize and understand how the objects could be integrated into their designs and collections.

The eagerness to embrace and exhibit materials across disciplines and periods is a reflection of the demand set by designers and collectors. Not only must there must be a variety, but the quality must be impeccable.

R & Company’s booth features a beautiful environment of historical works with contemporary designs completely embodying The Salon’s spirit of inclusion across periods. Details and images courtesy of Instagram.

Not only are we excited to greet galleries and designers with whom we have strong relationships, but we look forward to forming new ties with equal enthusiasm. The spirit of art fairs, and the inclusive foundation of The Salon in particular, is a thrilling experience for us and our clients.

At R& Company’s booth we anticipate seeing a beautiful environment of chic and thoughtfully curated works. On exhibit will be Wendell Castle’s iconic sculptural wall element completed in Australian Lacewood shown with his “Rain Bird” carpet.

These works by Castle will be joined by R & Company designer Jeff Zimmerman’s “Exploding Galaxy” illuminated sculpture above Joaquim Tenreiro’s dining table and four “Small Chairs.”

Juan & Paloma Garrido, a luminous nickel plated commode with a walnut interior. Exhibited at Garrido Gallery. Image courtesy of Instagram.

What The Salon exhibits and highlights so effortlessly is the range of innovation and its many different forms. Innovation is present in the unique dyeing techniques employed by the Garrido Gallery when designing.

This stunning limited edition nickel plated commode with walnut interior from Garrido Gallery is a prime example of metal design furniture we expect to see en force at The Salon. With silversmithing in the family’s legacy, the quality and innovation emerging from the Garrido atelier is a beautiful combination.


Michael Eden, Romanesco Vase I, 2017. 15 3/4″ H X 11″ W X 10 3/8″ D (left). And Romanesco Vase II, 2017. 11 3/4″ H X 9 1/2″ W X 6 3/4″ D (right). Each made by Additive Layer Manufacturing from a high quality nylon material with a soft mineral coating. Both vases are a single print + 1 AP. Details and image courtesy of Adrian Sassoon.

Innovative design is also on display at Adrian Sassoon’s booth. It is always a treat to see potter Micheal Eden’s most recent objects on display.

Using a combination of drawing, a 3-D printer, and finishing skills Michael employs the latest technology to explore the abstract qualities of the vessel.


John Makepeace, Trine Chair, 2017. Ebonized oak, 31 1/2″ H X 17 3/4″ W X 19″ D. Unique series. Image and details courtesy of Sarah Myerscough Gallery.

John Makepeace, founding member of the Crafts Council U.K. and winner of the Prince Phillip Designers Prize (2016), seeks to create more sophisticated concepts for furniture.

In designing the Trine Chair, Makepeace desired “freer, lighter, stronger, and more sculptural forms better suited to their function and more expressive of what is unique about each commission.”

Duffy London, The Abyss Table, 2016. Wood, acrylic, and glass, 59″ X L 29 1/2″ W X 15 3/4″ H. A coffee table meticulously designed by Christopher Duffy’s team to replicate varying nautical depths. Details and image courtesy of Sarah Myerscough Gallery.

Also on view at Sarah Myerscough Gallery is The Abyss Table by Duffy London. Christopher Duffy and his design team spent two years developing this table in their London studio. Duffy sought to replicate a real piece of the earth’s sea bed illustrating the varying depths and color variances.

Duffy’s team of designers successfully achieved this with sculpted glass, stacked Perspex acrylic, and stacked wood. The result is mesmerizing and stands in direct dialogue with Wendell Castle’s stacked wood creations and innovative process.

With so many incredible designers and artists on exhibit, 2017’s edition of The Salon is sure to be a success. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for updates as we attend!

Kristina Riska, Volta. Ceramic, 32″ H X 28″ W. Exhibited at Hostler Burrows Image courtesy of TL Magazine.

The Salon Art + Design 2017
Details to Attend

Location: Park Avenue Armory, 643 Park Avenue, New York, New York
Opening hours: Friday, November 10th 11 am – 8 pm, Saturday, November 11th 11 am-7pm, Sunday, November 12th 11am – 7pm, and Monday, November 13th 11am-5 pm.
Tickets cost $25.00