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Catalan architects Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Villa were recently awarded the 2017 Pritzker Prize. Together since 1998, RCR (Rafael, Carme and Ramon) continues to remodernize one modern building after another. The gammet of building types is wide.... from a kindergarten to winery... and all have been privy to RCR's magical touch. 

This is the first time in the Prizker Prize's 39 years of existence that the prize has been awarded to a trio. It's the collaborative spirit and creative process that made the choice an easy one this year. The jury said, of it's selection: "We live in a globalised world where we must rely on international influences, trade, discussion, transactions, etc. But more and more people fear that, because of this international influence, we will lose our local values, our local art, and our local customs. They are concerned and sometimes frightened."

Look at some of our favorite designs below and we think you'll agree that this was a prize well-deserved!

In Olot, Spain, RCR's office space.

Image courtesy of; Arch Daily

From 2014, the Soulage Museum in Rodez, France. The building beautifully portrays the relationship between the space and the paintings inside.

Image courtesy of: Hisao Suzuki

From 2007, the Bell-Lloc Winery in Palamos, Girona, Spain is a beautiful, angular building. The descending pathway guides visitors to the winery's entrance by means of angled steel sides. The vaulted ceiling over the wine production machinery and barrel storage areas is lit by slithers of light which come from the roof's gaps.

Image courtesy of: Dezeen

At Les Cols Pavellons, you can dine at the restaurant, have drinks in the pavilion, or picnic in the scenic gardens. So cool!

Image courtesy of: Les Cols Pavellions

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We recently asked the fantastic landscape designer Jayson DeGeeter to write a blog for us. We are so thrilled that he brought us this wonderful report of his recent visit to the New York Orchid show! Enjoy, and read on....

February into March: the tail-end of winter is a season of relentless anticipation. This year’s unseasonably (even record-breaking) warm weather certainly brought a welcome tease for Spring.

So, thank goodness for orchid shows. 

While we pine for the first hints of color outside, these "gardens under glass" offer an abundant display of color.  Whichever show you attend (my personal favorites are those hosted by the Chicago Botanic Garden, the New York Botanical Garden, and Longwood Gardens) it is possible to emerge blissfully dizzy with a botanically-induced overdose of color and fragrance.

A recent trip provided the opportunity to visit the “Thailand” show hosted by the New York Botanical Garden. After a sparkling moment at the central atrium, where eyeglasses de-fog and coats are shed, the display begins with a lesson. Ephiphytes (such as Oncidiums, Dendrobiums, and Phalaenopsis) are tucked into trees; while terrestrial species (such as Cymbidiums and Paphiopedilums) are displayed in containers. 

The desert rooms mark the center point of the NYBG exhibit. It’s a welcome reprieve as we work our way to "Color"!

A collection of coral, orange, and magenta Phalaenopsis framed by a burgundy hued Musa. The Cordyline with striated foliage that perfectly matches the blooms of an adjacent Cymbidium. Then there are combinations fit for a master class in color theory. 

It’s certainly enough to fortify the winter-weary. Sufficiently satiated, we’re ready to await an even grander show to come as Spring makes her way to center stage.  

To plan your visit, please visit the links below. Enjoy the beauty!
  • The New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show "Thailand” runs through April 9, 2017.
  • The Chicago Botanic Garden Orchid Show “Orchids in Vogue” runs through March 26, 2017. 
  • The Longwood Gardens Orchid Show “Orchid Extravaganza” runs through March 31, 2017.


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As part of an ongoing series for T, the painter Christopher Wool responded to a verse by the writer Eileen Myles.

Christopher WoolFear, 2016.

Image courtesy of the artist and T Magazine

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Azzedine Alaia has always loved art. Even before he could afford pieces, he started a smaller personal collection that centered around what touched him- the classics. His first substantial piece was a Roman torso which he eventually sold as a necessity to pay for his taxes on fateful year. Fast forward and Alaia is one of the world’s most sought-after couture designers… his love for art never evaded or diminished him.

 Gustave Eiffel is Alaia’s Paris headquarters in the Marais quarter of Paris. Within this old warehouse, Alaia conducts every aspect of his life… from personal to profession. He lives upstairs with his partner, Christoph von Weyhe, a talented painter in his own right, he works downstairs… where he is privy to and cognizant of everything that goes on and now, he has open Galerire Azzedine Alaia- a place to showcase his art.

Feeling that art is to be shared with others, Galerie Azzedine Alaia is different from both the typical museum and gallerie. The work displayed is returned to the artist following the exhibition, nothing is ever sold. The shows always have a personal feel to them, and are smaller and quite intimate. It’s clear that Alaia’s early career path played a part in this endeavor. As a young man, Alaia studied at the Ecole de Beaux Arts with hopes of becoming a sculptor. Head curator Donation Gran says, “In the gallery, we started with projects more related to fashion and photography. But, we’re expanding it now to more encompass this extraordinary community that surrounds the house.” Several years ago, Richemont, a luxury group, invested in Alaia which allowed for a second, full-time gallery space. Special commissions and exhibitions are booked a ways out and the list for future shows is long and prestigious.

Thanks Mr. Alaia, for sharing yet another one of your amazing talents with us!

The beautiful gallery was recently outfitted with gorgeous paintings by Alaia’s partner, Christoph von Weyhe.

Image courtesy of: Surface Magazine

Azzedine Alaia in his Galerie Azzedine Alaia.

Image courtesy of: Surface Magazine

Most of these Christoph von Weyhe gouaches have never been seen before. The Au Silence exhibition was beautifully displayed at the Galerie. Hamburger Hafen in der Nacht des, 200 x 140 cm, gouache on papier, 2004.

Image courtesy of: Art Daily, photographed by: Dennis Bouchard.

Alaïa and his St. Bernard, Didine, in Paris.

Image courtesy of: Surface Magazine, photographed by: Franck Juery

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