Rolls-Royce: Strive for Perfection - August 2016

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Rolls-Royce: Strive for Perfection

Suzanne Lovell Inc. is an architectural interior design firm that translates a client’s unique story into luxurious living spaces, blending fine art and furnishings to express personality

Suzanne Lovell Inc. is an architectural interior design firm creating what it describes as “Couture Environments for Extraordinary Living.” The firm has created a new definition of luxury by translating a client’s unique story into bespoke living spaces. In Suzanne’s spectacular residences, fine art shares the stage with furnishings to create a magnificent lifestyle, one that speaks to the discerning individual. Each project is tailored to the distinct specifications of her individual clients.

Suzanne’s diverse portfolio has garnered her a position as a leading voice in residential architectural interior design around the world. She has written her own guide to interior style—called Artistic Interiors: Designing with Fine Art Collections—and her work often features in Architectural Digest, as well as appearing on the magazine’s AD100 list. Suzanne’s background as a trained architect has allowed her to master the organizational aspect of design and the technical language of a space. It enables her to negotiate the relationship between room, furniture, and fine art in ways that create masterfully articulated and elegant residences.

The inside story
What is apparent from the Suzanne Lovell Inc. portfolio is the variety of styles the Chicago headquartered firm of 18 can deliver. Suzanne’s wide range of professional experience, her passion for collecting and curating fine art, and her extensive travels ensure that each and every space is uniquely crafted in close dialogue with the client. “The selection of the architectural materials—and how their proportions run throughout the residence— must be clear,” she says, “in order to offer the moments of opportunity for fine art and objets d’art, to contribute to the dialogue intended for the home.”

First and foremost, Suzanne Lovell Inc. is a service firm, and it understands the deeply personal aspect of creating a bespoke interior. “Unique and hand-crafted, not mass-produced, are always the expectation,” says Suzanne. “Our clients are sophisticated, they are incredibly well traveled, they love adventure, and they want a home that is unique as well as being a true reflection of themselves.” With a minor in psychology, Suzanne nurtures trust in her working relationships, allowing her to create timeless, comfortable, and elegant spaces.

This element of trust also allows Suzanne to encourage the client’s love of art. For more than 15 years, Suzanne and her specialist team have curated and collected fine art. “Again, the relationship of trust I have with a client allows me to refine their sophistication through shared education,” she says. “Ultimately, the acquisition of fine art is a key component of a client’s narrative. Whether it is a collection the client already has or one we assist them in collecting, the key is the dialogue created by the fine art and its location within the interior. We are telling a story with every decision we make.”

Form and function
A recent example is two different properties for one couple. One was a modernist estate, inspired by a Japanese box, which highlighted the client’s love for entertaining with a sumptuous dining room, and also served to display a growing fine art collection. Bespoke sideboards of macassar ebony were designed by Suzanne Lovell Inc. and manufactured by Frank Pollaro. A commissioned Chihuly chandelier graces the ceiling with spectacular elegance. The tables and chairs
are fine antiques from Mallett in London.

The couple also resides in a beachfront property with spectacular ocean views, an empty-nester retreat with room for extended family entertaining. Venetian-style large stone terrazzo patterns, designed by Suzanne Lovell Inc., meander throughout the space. The dining table is graced by an amorphic chandelier commissioned from Jeff Zimmerman. This much more relaxed expression of the same couple’s
lifestyle is perfectly suited for the ocean-front environment. Suzanne Lovell Inc. was also able to assist in curating a fine art collection of photography, paintings, watercolors, and drawings, many of which are bequeathed to the Art Institute of Chicago.

As well as properties in the United States, Suzanne Lovell Inc. has designed residences in Europe, and Suzanne has traveled extensively,
citing properties around the world as her inspiration. “Villa Kerylos in the South of France is the ultimate expression of architectural language,” she says. “It’s carried throughout, from ceramic tile mosaic patterns to traditionally crafted furniture and textiles. It was on a trip to Luigi Snozzi’s Kalmann House during my architectural degree that I discovered a very specific modern architectural language. I found warmth in modernism and a freedom to express the details that are unique to a contemporary home that expresses invitation rather than the cold chill of all-white decisions.”


The definition of luxury
Commissioning custom furniture, millwork, or hardware is just part of the full service that Suzanne and her team offer. “We have architects, designers, and artists of many kinds working together,” she says. “We utilize a global network of artisans in our bespoke interiors. Whether it’s wire woven on Aubusson looms outside Paris, lacquerware crafted in Japan, or embossed leather from Portugal, we’re always seeking out the best expression of craftsmanship. In fact, the worldwide network is actually a small, select group and we pride ourselves on having relationships with them.”

Combining a team with plentiful professional experience and a love of narrative, Suzanne Lovell’s interiors tell stories of lives and families, in turn creating homes that are personal, timeless, and luxurious. “The definition of luxury is being able to provide services to a client that garner the trust needed as we create a personal space,” says Suzanne. “Everyone loves a story; we help people to articulate their life’s narrative, using fine art and objets d’art within a well-defined architectural language.”

Rolls-Royce: Strive for Perfection

Rolls-Royce: Strive for Perfection

Style And Substance: Suzanne Lovell Inc. is an architectural interior design firm that translates a client's unique story into luxurious living spaces, blending fine art and furnishings to express personality.
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