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A new twist to the old…

February 16, 2019

La Halle Space within Paris’ Atelier de Lumieres. Image courtesy of: The Guardian, photographed by: E. Spiller.

There are two differing views… some might say that art should be enjoyed in a traditional way, in a traditional format within a historic art museum. Others may say that any exposure to art and culture should be applauded and recognized. There’s probably isn’t one right opinion, although a new museum in Paris is quickly bringing those questions into the forefront.

Already a huge success, the museum welcomed 400,000 people within the first three months of being open. Image courtesy of: The Guardian, photographed by: E. Spiller.

Atelier des Lumières sits inside a former foundry factory from 1853. The museum is operated by Culturespaces, the French museum foundation that specializes in interactive art displays. The 16,000 square-foot digital art center has 140 video projectors which allow for 360-degree projections. “Workshop of Lights” is the opening exhibition and it’s quite special because it places viewers INSIDE famous works of masters.

Image courtesy of: The Guardian, photographed by: E. Spiller.

For this initial exhibition, La Halle, the larger exhibition space, is dedicated to Gustav Klimt and 100 years of Viennese paintings by artists such as Egon Schiele and Friedrich Stowasser. Le Studio, the smaller room, features emerging artist and the exploration of Artificial Intelligence and digital installations.

The attention to detail is amazing. Of course it helps that you don’t need to wait behind scores of people just to get a view; instead, you can acutally reach out and touch “The Kiss” as it’s digitally cast around you and set into motion to the sounds of a Viennese waltz. As you walk through the hall; eventually, the gold leaves makes way for bright colors that outline Klimt’s seductive portraits of females in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

The Klimt and Vienna exhibition puts 3,000 pictures into motion. Video courtesy of: The Guardian

The complete immersion into Klimt’s works of art is a new experience for all. Perhaps the curators chose Klimt because his paintings are so colorful, recognized, and elegant?

In addition to viewing the paintings themselves, there is an educational aspect that follows the journey of Klimt and some of the Viennese Secession artists from the late 1800’s. All of this information makes the whole experience much more transformative.

Bruno Monneir, President of Culturespaces said about the new museum, “The role of an art center is to de-compartmentalize, and that is why digital technology is so important in twenty-first century exhibitions. Used for creative purposes, it has become a formidable vector for dissemination and is capable of creating links between eras, add dynamism to artistic practices, amplify emotions and reach the largest possible audience.” Image courtesy of: Daily Mail

The concrete-and-steel industrial building with 26-foot-high walls is the ideal space for the large-scale exhibitions that are sure to take place within. Next up might be Bosch, Bruegel, or Chagall… digitized and cast onto the walls with an original soundtrack playing in the background.

It’s quite an experience and one that can not yet be replicated anywhere else. If you are in Paris and tired of waiting in line at the Louvre or Musee d’orsay… check out Atelier des Lumieres and experience the novelty of literally stepping back in time!