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Breaking the Rules: Picasso Sculpture

December 20, 2015

This is the only multi-figure sculpture that Picasso made. It is six figures made of wood and other found objects. 

Image courtesy of WNYC.

MoMA currently has a show, Picasso Sculpture, that features the artist’s sculptural work. Picasso was a trained painter, but took a much more free spirited approach with his sculptures. He was personally invested in much of his sculpture and took an experimental approach. He used materials in unconventional ways and created unique forms reminiscent of Picasso’s cubic paintings.   

Pablo PicassoBull, ca. 1958, Cannes, plywood, tree branch, nails, and screws, 46⅛” x 56¾” x 4⅛”.

Image courtesy of Art News.

Pablo Picasso’s “Sylvette” (1954) at left and “Little Horse” (1961) at right.

Image courtesy of Hyperallergic

Image courtesy of W Magazine

One of Picasso’s guitar sculptures. Picasso spent a great deal of time fascinated with guitars both in painting and in 3-dimensions. 

Image courtesy of The Sound of Art.