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Daniel Liberkind unveils “dragon-inspired pavilion” for Expo Milan 2015

August 19, 2015

New York-based architect, Daniel Libeskind designed a pavilion for the Chinese developer, Vanke, as a temporary locale. Incorporating the expo’s theme of “feeding the planet, energy for life”, the idea behind the pavilion 3 ideas drawn from traditional Chinese culture relating to food: “the shi-tang, a traditional Chinese dining hall; the landscape, the fundamental element to life; and the dragon, which is metaphorically related to farming and sustenance” (DesignBoom). 

Nonetheless, the sinuous body and a scaly red and gold skin took a lot of thought and imagination! The exterior is clad with approximately 4,000 shimmering ceramic tiles that look like scales. Specifically, these tiles feature a metallic surface, so they appear to change color from red and pink to gold and white. Perhaps more chameleon than dragon? 


The Vanke pavilion at Expo Milan 2015 which is ongoing through October.

Image courtesy of: Dezeen

Daniel Libeskind scaling the scales of his reptilian pavilion in Milan.

Image courtesy of: Dezeen

Walking through the mouth of this dragon brings visitors to exhibition spaces, one of which has 200 screens suspended throughout.

Image courtesy of: Dezeen