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De Giulio kitchens are based on lifestyle and utility

Kitchens today are so much more than simply a place to make meals.  Inevitably, kitchens have become the family gathering spot and the hub for social situations.  No matter how big, comfortable and gorgeous your living or family rooms are, people ALWAYS tend to gather in the kitchen.  That’s great news for Mick De Giulio who’s been “at it” for 30 years.  As a fellow Chicagoan, we have been so fortunate to experience his beautiful designs over the years and collaborated with him in several of our homes.  We love the clean lines, constant attention to details (taking into consideration the flooring, moldings and ceilings), and functionality.  We’re always thrilled to work with his fantastic team!

This example of a clean lined and classically proportioned De Giulio kitchen has provided the custom kitchen designs for all five units, featuring his new collection BeauxArts.02 for SieMatic.

Photo courtesy of: Otherside Blog and photos provided by SieMatic

Nope, this one will NEVER go out of style.  Fresh, white and clean are what makes a kitchen inviting and timeless!

Photo courtesy of: Cast Sheet Travel and photo taken by Dave Burk, Hedrich Blessing Photographers