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September 24, 2018

The city of Chicago is abuzz with excitement in anticipation of EXPO 2018! Our team and clients always look forward to visiting EXPO at Navy Pier and the returning exhibiting galleries. We are especially proud to share that Suzanne Lovell Inc. designed the VIP Lounge of EXPO this year.

We are thrilled to see familiar faces among the galleries and look forward to the unique artworks they have on offer. Below are a few galleries and artists we look forward to seeing this week.

Rogan Gregory, Fertility Form illuminated sculptures in naturally derived terrazzo and gypsum. Image and details courtesy of R & Company.

This has been a tremendous year for Suzanne Lovell Inc. and we are delighted to host R & Company’s Rogan Gregory’s Known Unknown Chicago satellite exhibition in our studio and will celebrate with a private VIP collector’s dinner at our studio! Be sure to check in on Wednesday and follow us on Instagram for updates.

Another gallery we look forward to seeing at EXPO is Galerie Templon. Galerie Templon will display artworks by Philippe Cognée, Jitish Kallat, Jim Dine, and showstopping drums by Ivan Navarro.

Ivan Navarro, Revolution V, 2017, 115 3/8″ H X 36 1/4″ W X 17 3/4″ D. Neon, drums, mirror, one way mirror and electric energy. Image and details courtesy of Galerie Templon.

Last summer we installed an enormous 72″ diameter drum by Navarro inside a penthouse apartment at the Residences at the Miami Beach Edition. Navarro’s drum creates the perfect optical illusion of infinite perspective the moment you enter the residence.

We saw this drum at Galerie Templon’s booth and immediately knew it was perfect for our client and the residence. In fact, Luxe Magazine Miami published this incredible State of the Art penthouse in their current issue!

Ivan Navarro’s drum, Come to Daddy, 2015, 72″ H X 32″ D. Neon, drum, one way mirror, mirror, and electric energy. Recently installed in a penthouse apartment of the Residences at the Miami Beach Edition. Photographed by Eric Piasecki. Image courtesy of Suzanne Lovell Inc.

More recently we installed a beautiful colorized print by Thomas Bangsted inside the townhouse of a lovely Chicago client of ours.

Thomas Bangsted, Sopnes, 2017. Colorized pigment print, 50″ H X 63.2″ W. Image and details courtesy of Marc Straus.

This is such an incredible editioned print and we’re happy this story is coming back. Most interesting is the background of this print as shared by the artist, Thomas Bangsted:

“Sopnes is the name of an old area near the bottom of Langfjorden in Finnmark, Norway. The church (Langfjord kirke) was among the very few buildings in Finnmarken that was spared torching and destruction by the Germans in late 1944, as the Soviet army forced their retreat from this region. This area of the fjord is also the location where the large German battleship “Scharnhorst” was anchored throughout WWII.

I originally photographed the landscape as a black and white exposure like the rest of the work from Norway. However, at a later stage I decided to colorize the picture by meticulously applying color to the different segments of the picture on the computer. In this way the picture references the popular custom of applying color to old black and white photographs from the World Wars.”

Sam Moyer, Blue Harpoon Hosta, 2018. 74 7/8″ H X 49 3/16″ W X 1 1/4″ D, Marble, hand painted canvas mounted to MDF panel. Image and details courtesy of Sean Kelly Gallery.

Another artist whose work we greatly admire is Sam Moyer. Moyer draws her inspiration from architectural space and natural materials, artistically marrying marble slabs and canvas with stunning results.

We recently acquired a monumental artwork by Moyer while attending The Armory Show 2018 this spring in New York City. This proudly hangs in the entrance of our studio.

A view of EXPO’S exhibition space from above. Image courtesy of EXPO Chicago.

Later this week we will be sharing more information on our design of the VIP Lounge at EXPO. Be sure to check in for updates to our blog and Instagram throughout the week!

To attend EXPO Chicago, please see details below.


Opening Preview & Vernissage, Thursday, September 27th
General Admission, Friday, September 28th – Sunday, September 30th
Navy Pier, Chicago