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Galactica Super Nova brings us the best in yacht design

October 24, 2016

Photography by Guillaume Plisson and David Churchill for Boat International, October 2016. pp. 156-176

All images courtesy of Boat International

Yacht architecture and design has always been a bit of a mystery. After seeing so many boats that seem over-designed and theatrical, it was a breath of fresh air to see Galactic Super Nova in Boat International Magazine this month. Fashioned after 2013’s Galactica Star designed by Frank Laupman, this new vessel’s profile was restyled by Espen Oina, whom was brought in by Navel architect Perry van Oossanen and boat builder Heessen Yachts.

These restrained interior and exterior lines work seamlessly to create a “one-message boat; well-designed with restraint, and function with speed in mind.” With respect to speed, this 70-meter yacht has an extra engine, increasing its capacity to accelerate in the water. A Rolls Royce centerline water jet coupled with this extra engine brings one from 0 to a top speed of 30.3 knots in 75 seconds. For a 70 meter boat, this is exceptional.

All of this speed is harnessed for smooth acceleration, aided by the hull design of van Oossanen, called, Fast Displacement Hull Form, and built by Heessen Yachts of the Netherlands. The “hull shifts from a sharp entry to a moderate round bilge displacement form and then to a flatter, planning, low-deadrise form aft for speed.”  In other words, it cuts through the water with speed, and the stern of the yacht doesn’t sink at slow speeds.

The interior profile is sleek and aggressive with clean lines created by Sander Sinot. His use of sycamore, wenge, and teak is masterful in its simplicity of line and organization, all with a spectacular curving stair using stainless detailing that draws its curving elegance directly from the linear wall configurations. According to BOAT International Magazine’s Marilyn Mower, “The yacht has a unified aesthetic from top to bottom, inside and out: it’s beach-like, modern, open and light.”

The new Galactic Super Nova has a steady, smooth ride at virtually every speed; a massive accomplishment in yachting. And, one that actually looks well-designed both inside and out.