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The genius of Jeff Zimmerman

During his 38-year career, Jeff Zimmerman has managed to create quite a following. It’s Zimmerman’s love of nature and natural objects that inspires him, translating those “frozen” moments showcased by organic and soft shapes, sometimes colorful and sometimes not.

Raised by artist parents, Zimmerman’s formal training was in traditional glassblowing, and he also studied the classical, Venetian approach. Zimmerman’s artistic voice has now been pushing the boundaries of glassmaking for several years. The steady stream of commissions is testament to his loyal following. In our eyes, there’s truly no one who manages to add such a high level of technical expertise to his designs. Whether you think it’s glassblowing, contemporary art or something in-between, you can’t argue there’s a reason Zimmerman has made quite a name for himself!

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From the “Crystal Cave” series, this hand-blown piece is 16.5″ high, 17″ wide and 16″ in depth.

Image courtesy of: Urban Glass

Custom made for this private New York residence, a trio of “Biomorphic Bubble” illuminated hanging sculptures in handblown glass with opaline gradations.

Image courtesy of: Architectural Digest

The artist (in 2011) creating one of his crinkled sculptural vessels in 2011.

Image courtesy of: Architectural Digest