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Louis Weisdorf’s Pendant Designs

November 16, 2016

Louis Weisdorf’s Turbo Pendant c. 1965, relaunched in 2013. Made in Denmark by Gubi

Image courtesy of Suite NY

The inspiration for the lamp is the lightness of the Japanese rice paper lamp but in a more durable and sturdy version. The outer curve of the lamp is made of 12 similar aluminum spiral lamellae that form a flower-like globe that shields the light of the bulb and the vertical lamellae prevent gathering of dust is minimal.

Louis Weisdorf (Danish, b. 1932) is an iconic Modern architect and designer.

In 1961, he started a ten-year assignment at Tivoli, and worked as the main assistant to Tivoli’s chief architect Simon P Henningsen. In the late 1960’s, Weisdorf set up his own design studio in Copenhagen, sharing the premises with architect Ole Panton (the younger brother of Verner Panton), where he served both national and international clients. During his active time as a designer, Weisdorf worked closely with many designers including Verner Panton and Poul Henningsen.

Enjoy some of our favorite from Weisdorf’s pendant designs here.

Louis Weisdorf’s Multi-Lite in Brass & Charcoal/Black

Image courtesy of Gubi

Louis Weisdorf’s Multi-Lite pendant lamp c. 1972

Image courtesy of Wright, 11/3/2016 (Lot 225)

Louis Weisdorf’s Multi-Lite pendant collection c. 1972

Image courtesy of Finnish Design Shop

Konkylie by Louis Weisdorf for Lyfa, 1965
Image courtesy of New Angles

Lyfa was established as Københavns Lampe Og Lysekronefabrik at the beginning of the 20th century. In the 30’s the name was abbreviated to Lyfa.