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New Hermes collection pays homage to Robert Dallet

Carnets d’Equaterur is Hermes‘ new tableware collection which uses Robert Dallet‘s iconic scarf designs from years past. This talented animal painter was loath to call himself an artist; instead, Dallet was almost scientific in his drawings. Every single detail was exact- from the texture of the hair to the nails inside the claw. Never getting the credit he deserved (although he wouldn’t have liked it), it’s great that he’s now getting recognized for all he’s done for Hermes, but more importantly for big cat conservation.

It was coincidental that Dallet’s drawings were ever shown at Hermes. Originally from Normandy, it was a visit to a Parisian zoo to see the tiger exhibit that fueled Dallet’s love and appreciation for the big cat family. Future visits to Africa allowed Dallet to see the animals in their real habitats and spurred his passion for their conservation. Tigers became Dallet’s favorite animals… Dallet always featured them in motion. Furthermore, looking into their “paper” eyes was a surreal experience as they seemed completely lifelike, almost hypnotic.

Lucky for us that these drawings were as appreciated by Hermes as by Dallet as they made their place on many iconic scarves. Now, the scarf designs have been translated onto tablewares with a new 35-piece collection. The white porcelain background is perfectly complimented by the gold rims- so elegant, so Hermes!

Robert Dallet’s collaboration with Hermes began in 1985 by “chance”. How exciting that Hermes was able to translate its fashion pieces into luxury home-wares with such resounding success!

Image courtesy of: Design Boom