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Oops… too many visitors!

December 28, 2016

A mere 13 days after it opened, the Chinese glass-bottomed bridge that had been getting a substantial amount of press has closed! Set in the picturesque Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, the 1,410 feet bridge is suspended between two mountains in Tianmenshan National Forest Park. Breaking many world records, the bridge, designed by Israeli architect Haim Dotan, is the world highest and longest glass bridge. The bridge sits 984 feet above the valley floor and looking straight down might cause vertigo for those with a fear of heights!

Said to only be able to handle 800 visitors a day; since opening day until it’s premature closing, the bridge saw 10 times as many eager sightseers. We hope that this attraction won’t stay closed too long!

In comparison, the Grand Canyon’s Skywalk is 69 feet in length and stands 781 feet above the canyon’s floor.

Image courtesy of: CNN

Tel Aviv-based Haim Dotan used steel beams to support the structural glass plates making the bridge appear “invisible” on a cloudy day.

Image courtesy of: Dezeen 

The architect personally named “his” bridge, “Bridge of Courageous Hearts.” No doubt you have to conquer some inner fears when you approach…

Image courtesy of: Dezeen

As if being 1,000 feet above the ground isn’t scary enough, the bridge sways with the wind. Not sure this is for everyone!

Image courtesy of: Amusing Planet