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Milwaukee transplant is an instant sensation!

December 23, 2016

We love the work of Eric Landon, the Milwaukee native who started his own pottery studio, Tortus, in Copenhagen. Winning various awards over the past few years, including the prestigious Danish Design Award for Craftsman of the Year in 2015, Landon’s work is ethereal! The gently muted pastel vessels come in a variety of organic shapes; they’re stunning and beg to be touched.

Following the strong Danish tradition of ceramics, Landon ensures that the craft is well preserved. His studio’s small-scale production of treasures enables for “individual involvement” in each and every step of this complicated process. 

Our favorite is the Unika Collection of case vessels. Unika is a Danish term used to define craft objects. Ever-evolving, new combinations of colors, shapes and surfaces are imagined and fulfilled in each unique vessel. We are sure they’ll touch you as much as they “touched” us!

Always fresh, Landon’s collection constantly evolves and surprises!

Image courtesy of: Tortus- Copenhagen

Also from Landon’s Unika Series, these vessels have such a unique color combination!

Image courtesy of: Tortus- Copenhagen 

The 40-year-old Milwaukee native seems very much at home in his Copenhagen studio. It’s breathtakingly serene and opens to a gorgeous sunlit courtyard.

Image courtesy of: Remodelista

These unfinished pots patiently wait for Karin Blach Nielsen to glaze them. Karin is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London. She’s the “glaze master” at Tortus and called is often referred to as Tortus’ “architect of color and surface”.

Image courtesy of: Remodelista