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Inspiration from Art Basel: Recent finds by artists working in ceramics

December 09, 2016

Sterling Ruby, Basin Theology/EXODUS, 2016, Ceramic, 47 3/4″ X 43 1/2″ X 43 1/2″ at Xacier Hufkens, Art Basel Miami 2016.

All images courtesy of Suzanne Lovell Inc. except where noted.

Ceramics have long had a role in the history of modern art (For example, see here for a Yale’s presentation of The Ceramic Presence in Modern Art from the Schlenger Collection). We are interested in the intersection between art and decorative ceramics as examples at the highest level of craftsmanship in either camp – they are oftentimes highly seductive, tactile objects that Suzanne personally enjoys an in-depth pursuit of. Enjoy some of our favorite and most innovative artists working in this “new” area of collecting.

Ghada Amer, Paradise in Black, 2015, ceramic. 27″ X 20″ X 21″ at Cheim & Read, Art Basel Miami 2016.

Nils Erik Gjerdevik, Untitled, 2007, glazed stoneware at Nils Staerk Gallery. Image courtesy of the gallery and the artist.

For more of Gjerdevik’s fantastic work, see our blog about his paintings and ceramics here

Kim Simonsson lives and works in his native Finland from his home studio located in the Fiskars Village, the birthplace of the famous orange scissors, and now known for its creative cooperative ONOMA. His “moss people” bring Nordic fairy tales to life, and we are lucky to have acquired several pieces for our client, now a passionate Simonsson connoisseur! The presentation of Simonsson at Design Miami this year was impressive, with several inhabiting a multi-storied plywood box structure, and most sold in the preview. 

Gareth Mason throws each form by hand and subsequently manipulates them by multiple firings, glazing and the inclusion of varied materials over a period of up to several years. This piece was a favorite at Design Miami.

Katsuyo Aoki’s intricately formed ceramics are a wonder to behold in person. Jason Jacques brought some wonderful skulls to the FOG Fair in January 2016, and we have been hooked ever since. He brought this wave form by Aoki to Design Miami, which quickly sold at the Preview.