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Remarkable beads make remarkable jewelry!

December 01, 2016

When we stumbled upon Nirit Dekel, we considered ourselves so lucky. The movement within her beads was like nothing we’d seen before. This talented artist from Israel had us at “Hello”! Using the traditional Italian Moreti glass lamp-working method, Dekel is “on” to something new and exciting. We couldn’t help but buy a few necklaces to add to our collection!

“As long as I remember I was into art. I studied and practiced drawing, painting and jewelry and for years I kept it on a small (yet consistent) fire as a hobby. As I graduated university I was swept into the high-tech wave and had a career in one of the largest high-tech firms in Israel. With time I felt that I’m missing my main love – art & craft. As I saw Chihuly’s exhibition at David’s tower in Jerusalem’s wall as part of the festivities of year 2000 it was like an alarm clock waking me back to life. I was drawn as magnet to the glass material and immediately fell in love with it. I’m fascinated by glass because I find it a manifold material. It’s a daily life casual material yet has the ability of becoming delicate, refined and elegant and can be played with in an infinite possibilities. Glass has a sense of vitality. It’s a living material evolving all the time that comes from nature and can merge back in to it. Glass beads are like people for me. It’s like they have movement inside them. They look awake, moving, bubbling, winking, and restlessly jumping. There is no stability or fixation about them and each one is a bit different and has its own personality. Glass has an honorable part in the history of jewels and art objects and has had a peculiar role in the Mediterranean culture. For me it’s a challenge to make my own mark and be a part of this ongoing way of preening.”

Colorful glass beads make them most amazing art, art that we all want to wear!

Image courtesy of: Pinterest

With numerous exhibits under her belt, we can’t help but think… what will she think of next? The sophistication of the colors in this piece above makes this necklace perfect for ANY occasion.

Image courtesy of: Bijou Contemporain

This photograph is from a New York City social event several years ago, Jocelyn Kolb with Nirit Dekel.

Image courtesy of: New York Social Diary

Transparent and gold raw bracelet, Moreti glass with sterling silver.

Image courtesy of: Morgan Glass Gallery