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Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz’s 2016 collection exhibition provides a touching and thoughtful worldview

December 12, 2015

Two pieces in the De La Cruz Exhibition by Sigmar Polke (b. Poland 1941, died Germany 2010), I Live in My Own World, but it’s Ok, They Know Me Here, 2002, mixed media on fabric, 118″ X 196″ (left) and Taste Leaders, 1998, mixed media on fabric, 51″ X 59″ (right).

Images courtesy of Suzanne Lovell, Inc.

Architect John Marquette’s 30,000 square foot museum has housed the De La Cruz Contemporary Art Collection since 2009 as an ideal setting to view large scale works by Sterling Ruby, Albert Oehlen and Rudlof Stingel. This year’s exhibition had an aesthetic dialogue in addition to special conversations coerced by placement, with Pruitt’s third floor installation in conjunction with works by Felix González-Torres providing perhaps the most touching statement of life, diversity and loss. Ms. De La Cruz was notably present, interacting with visitors, or silently watching as her young docents helped engage the work with the viewer, sharing personal tales of the show’s installation (of Aaron Curry’s requests for more, and even more space). 

Enjoy a few of our favorite details from our experience.

Detail of Polke’s I Live in My Own World, 2002

Rudolf Stingel (b. Italy c. 1956, Lives and works in New York). Both works are Untitled, 2010, oil and enamel on canvas, 120″ X 63″

Detail of Stingel’s Untitled, 2010.

Two mixed media collages by Mark Bradford (Los Angeles, b. 1961). Untitled, 2011 (left) and 2871 East, 2012.

Detail of Bradford’s Untitled, 2011.

Detail of Bradford’s 2871 East, 2012.

Rob Pruitt‘s installation Us, 2013 in 127 parts 31.5″ X 25.5″ + 126 parts, each 29.5″ X 23.5″ with iconic works by Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Here Ms. De La Cruz stands, engaged with her visitors.