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The timelessness of Paolo Ventura

February 18, 2017

We’re big fans of Paolo Ventura, the Brooklyn-based, Italian born artist who creates hand-painted photographs using objects found in flea markets and on eBay, among others, to create dreamlike pieces. Sometimes in the form of dioramas, the smallest details play off each other and appear life-sized.

Not surprisingly, Ventura has been inspired his entire lifetime; Born to a famous Italian children’s book illustrator and author from the 1960’s and 1970’s who created worlds of creativity and imagination for his sons…”invented worlds” became a part of the everyday. Adding to the fun childhood, Ventura’s free-spirited grandmother resided with the family and often took the children on field trips to the circus.

Usually cloudy and surreal, the works are set in indescribable places but usually take place around the time of World War II. This master of reinvention is one we give a big “two thumbs up to”!

Paolo VenturaAndrea E Paolo, Exhibition: L’Homme à la valise until July 27, 2014. Studio Fotokino | 33, allée Gambetta Marseille, France.

Image courtesy of: tyylit

We love “Man with Suitcase” which was specifically created for an exhibition at Studio Fotokino.

Image courtesy of: Tyylit

It’s the tiniest details that make Ventura’s work unique. ”It’s my obsession,” he says. The intricate sets he creates are made from clay, cardboard, foam board and plastic. In this diorama, we can see that Ventura delicately scratched away the paint to convey worn floorboards of a cafe. In another, patches of wallpaper hang from worn plaster. And finally, the gear attached to the dead soldier is all historically accurate.

Image courtesy of: The F Stop

It isn’t Surrealist because his work makes it feel as though it can come to life at any moment.

Primo Giorno del Carnevale , 2016. Unique hand-painted photograph and collage.

Image courtesy of: Artsy