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The works of beauty handmade by Bottega Veneta’s artisans

June 29, 2017

Image courtesy of: Surface Magazine

We love Bottega Veneta’s newly expanded Home Collection. As with their signature leather accessories, the highest quality materials are used and the artisans spend years of training perfecting their craft.

The soft leather must be woven in such an exact way- meticulously hand-crafting the double-faced strips of leather (fettucce) into 11 triangles. Tension must be maintained consistently to ensure that each strip is at the same diagonal.

Image courtesy of: Surface Magazine

When the weaving is complete, the different layers of overlapped double-faced leather strips make an end product that is the same on both sides!

Image courtesy of: Surface Magazine

Who wouldn’t want to go to work in this magnificent location? The 18th-century villa in Montebello Vicentino houses the laboratory of the headquarters. It’s not hard to get mentally stimulated when you have floor-to-ceiling glass facades that overlook the sprawling grounds- the lush green landscape and vineyards. La Dolce Vita indeed!

As with their renowned purses, Bottega Veneta’s “home line” features beautifully crafted items. This pillow, the Nero Intrecciato Napa Pillow, is so gorgeous!