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You’ll probably never want to leave Platform LA!

It’s a wonder that it took so long for someone to come up with the idea of putting together something similar to today’s urban mall… something just like Platform. This “big idea” of David Fishbein’s has been 6 years in the making. When Fishbein was introduced to Joey Miller, a platform, no pun intended, for Platform was formed.

This convergence of fashion, restaurants and art opened in April and sprawls across 4 acres in Culver City’s Hayden Tract neighborhood, a fabulously hip area in Los Angeles. An assortment of boutiques isn’t quite what Platform is… Platform is actually an urban, indoor-outdoor oasis which brings together high-end fashion, top-chef restaurants and international design stores, among others. Art is also vital to one’s experience at Platform, which aims to become a lifestyle destination, the first of its kind in the US.

With 50,000 square-feed in retail and restaurant space and 80,000 square-feet in creative and office space… we can’t wait until it’s all occupied. With 20 retail boutiques and 5 restaurants, there will truly be NO reason to go anywhere else!

Magasin is the brainchild of former Bloomingdale’s men’s fashion director, Josh Peskowitz, and a more perfect location than at Platform… well, there isn’t one. The relatively stark interior mimics the exterior but is softened by a living wall. 25-foot ceilings and high windows shed natural light on concrete floors; and the space is punctuated by mid-century modern furniture, reclaimed wood, and antique Afghan rugs. It speaks volumes that the owners, both New Yorkers, decided that the environment for their concept was much better suited in LA than NYC… Platform certainly had something to do with that!

Image courtesy of: Vogue, photographed by: Michael Wells

This psychedelic mural brings attention to Platform’s parking garage. “Technicolor Ooze” was inspired by the use of Technicolor in “The Wizard of Oz” which muralist, Jen Stark has always loved. But keep looking and you’ll see “movement” which appears to be “oozing” down the building and taking over. It’s fun and innovative!

Image courtesy of: LA Weekly

Cannibal, Platform’s first restaurant, kicks off the foodie scene in this updated Culver City “mall”. Once completed, Platform will house 5 of LA’s most innovative new restaurant concepts. We can hardly wait!

Image courtesy of: LA Eater

David Fishbein and Joseph Miller say that they always wanted to find a place like Platform to hang at… after searching and searching, they decided that they need to make this idea a reality!

If this is a picture of what today’s “mall” will look like everywhere in the near future, we’re sold!

Image courtesy of: Platform LA