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Zaha Hadid’s team takes on Belgium!

December 21, 2016

Sadly, Zaha Hadid passed away in March,2016. Fortunately, though, this hasn’t stopped her designs from continuing. 36 projects were either under construction or in the final drawing stage at the untimely and unexpected time of Hadid’s death. With her talented team taking the reins, these projects have continued, and more are coming. 

Zaha Hadid Architects is striving to extend Hadid’s inextingushable legacy. One important project was Port House, in Antwerp, which opened in September,2016. ZHA won an open competition to adapt and expand a turn-of-the-century fire house into an office building for the  city’s port. This building was meant to consolidate all 500 port employees into one building, as previously, they were scattered throughout the city in various locations. The addition is a mass of triangular windows, which reference the city’s historic diamond trade, sitting partially atop the brick clad fire-house. It’s askew of the fire house, drawing the eye with it as light ripples off the triangular windows. The daring cantilever projects past the fire house and past the high heel support that carries the remaining weight. Another success for ZHA!

Port House by Zaha Hadid Architects

Image courtesy of Dezeen, photographed by: Hélène Binet

Another view of the Port House with the old firehouse visible.

Image courtesy of: Dezeen, photographed by Hélène Binet

Hadid initially unveiled plans for this project 7 years ago in 2009.

Image courtesy of: Dezeen, photographed by: Helene Binet

We love the inside’s completely white interior.

Image courtesy of: Totally Cool Pix