Art has the power to transform space and we believe that interiors are rendered more sophisticated as their visual impact is imbued with fine art and object. Immediate and visceral, the fine art object is an artist’s expression at an intimate human scale.

Junko Mori

Junko Mori, Propagation Project, Bumpy Nails, 2016, forged mild steel, wax-coated (Adrian Sassoon)

Michael Eden

Michael Eden, Twisted Arita Vase III, 2015, unique object made by additive layer manufacturing from a high quality nylon material with a coral soft mineral coating (Adrian Sassoon)

Studio Job

Studio Job, Rock Sconce, 2013, polished and patinated bronze, Limited edition of 50 + 5AP (Carpenters Workshop Gallery)

The Haas Brothers

The Haas Brothers, Unique hand thrown and altered Double Bulb Father with Step 10 and Step 4 of P. Yellow to Red Biaxial Matte Porcelain Accretion and Gold Neck Flower and Stigma, 2016. (R & Company)

Olivier van Herpt

Olivier van Herpt, Unique 3D printed ceramics, 2017. Image courtesy of the artist.

Ercole Barovier

Ercole Barovier, Lenti Vase, Italy, 1940 (Wright Auction)

The Haas Brothers

The Haas Brothers, Unique Tyra Spanx Mini Beast in dark grey Gotland sheepskin with four cast bronze Coyote Feet, 2016 (R & Company)

Keizo Sugitani

Keizo Sugitani, Shadows Crossing, 2017, stoneware with glaze (Yufuku Gallery)

Kim Simonsson

Kim Simonsson, flocked ceramics, 2016. Image courtesy of the artist and Jason Jacques

Peter Pincus

Peter Pincus, Red Urns, Black and White Panels, 2016, colored porcelain, gold luster (Wexler Gallery)

Adam Silverman

Adam Silverman, Untitled, 2017, Stoneware (Friedman Benda)

Jeff Zimmerman

Jeff Zimmerman, Unique single serpentine light sculpture in black hand-blown glass, 2017 (R & Company)