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Image from Promemoria

The fabulous Roka chair is constructed in beechwood with hammered bronze arms and "punto sellaio" stitching in fabric or leather.  The proportions provide a super comfortable seat despite its sophisticated look.

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Jacob van der Beugel, an accomplished ceramic artist represented by Joanna Bird since 2003, was recently commissioned to create a permanent ceramic installation for the North Sketch Sequence Gallery at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England.  This entire ceramic room was created using handmade and textured large-scale ceramic panels.  Each huge panel was hand-assembled and mounted by Mr. Jacob van der Beugel.  4 panels depict the DNA of the Duke and Dutchess of Devonshire DNA along with the DNA of their son and daughter-in-law, Lord and Lady Burlington translated onto 500mm x 350mm panels.  A 5th portrait is cleverly titled, "Everyman" noting the importance of visitors to the exhibition.  This amazing exhibit is meant to compliment the historical displays of ceramics from the Devonshire Collection already in place.

The North Sketch Sequence by Jacob van der Beugel at Chatsworth House was curated and orchestrated by Joanna Bird.  It is considered the most important addition to the Chatsworth House since 1832 when the Sculpture Garden was created.  This prestigious commission will now become part of the House's permanent collection. 

The North Sketch Gallery is now open.  Looking ahead, Joanna Bird will be at Collect 2014 at the Saatchi Gallery in London.  Mark your calendars for May 9-12, 2014!

Photo by Sylvain Deleu, Chatsworth House Trust.

Image shows the panels at The North Sketch Sequence commission by Jacob van der Beugel.

Photo by Sylvain Deleu, Chatsworth House Trust.

Image of Joanna Bird and Jacob van der Beugel along with the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire in front of The North Sketch Sequence panels.

Image from Wikipedia 

Photo of the gorgeous Chatsworth House in England.

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Image from Holly Hunt

Who wouldn't want to sit in the Moiste chair designed by acclaimed designer Christian Astuguevielle. As someone who's worked in premiere fashion houses such as Hermès, Rochas and Nina Ricci, we trust that this design won't soon go out of style!

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Image from Bernd Goeckler Antiques

Modernist French designer André Sornay combined Art Deco style with the industrial materials of the 1930's and 1940's to create this beautiful desk made of mahogany wood and studded throughout with Sornay's renowned nailhead motif.  See this piece (originally commissioned by two brothers from France) at Bernd Goeckler Antiques in NYC.

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