Artistic Interiors by Suzanne Lovell

Photo of 'Artistic Interiors: Designing with Fine Art Collections' a book by interior designer Suzanne Lovell

Artistic Interiors is an extraordinary volume featuring the work of prestigious architectural interior designer Suzanne Lovell. Hundreds of full color photographs feature her unique approach toward designing couture environments that create an expressive home through the integration of architecture, sophisticated materials, and fine art.

Exploring more than a dozen residences, Lovell takes the reader on a journey through homes with sumptuous interiors, finely crafted details, and exceptional collections. A lifestyle architect practicing at the intersection of architecture and interiors, design and art, Lovell’s work incorporates an expansive array of paintings, drawings, and photography, ceramics and sculpture, textiles, custom furnishings, and antiques. Suzanne Lovell is the go-to designer for the passionate collector and Artistic Interiors offers a glimpse into her distinct design process through striking images of her work.

Architect and interior designer Suzanne Lovell is the Principal of Chicago-based Suzanne Lovell Inc. and founder of Twill Textiles. Her work is regularly featured in Architectural Digest – she has twice been included in “The AD 100 Top Architects and Designers” – as well as House Beautiful, Interiors, and Veranda. She is widely respected as an expert on art, antiques, textiles, and furnishings and is a sought-after lecturer addressing the topics of passionate collecting and the intelligent integration of architectural interiors.


“For Suzanne Lovell, a well-designed room serves as a frame for the art it displays.”

—Architectural Digest: Fall's Top Design Books

“You can look at Suzanne Lovell’s gracefully inviting rooms and almost feel your blood pressure dropping.”

—Veranda: Picks for the Best Fall Books

“Lovell has a rare ability to effortlessly incorporate art – really, collections of all kinds – into living spaces.”

—1st Dibs: Required Reading

“Although unmistakably modern, Suzanne Lovell’s carefully detailed style has a classic quality.”

—British House & Garden: Noteworthy Publications

“The book features hundreds of glorious full color photographs that clearly establish the importance of integrating architecture, sophisticated materials, and fine art into interiors. Suzanne’s interiors are timeless, elegant and refined.”

—Barbara Sallick's Design Journal, Waterworks Co-Founder & CEO

The Perfect Kitchen by Barbara Sallick

We are honored to be included in Barbara Sallick’s beautiful and informative book ‘The Perfect Kitchen’.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the destination of every party, everyone’s favorite gathering spot, where style and functionality must go hand in hand. Designing a kitchen is a vastly complicated affair, involving an array of appliances (movable and fixed) and storage zones, not to mention addressing the kitchen’s role as a multifunctional social arena to be used from very early in the morning until late into the night. Creating a timeless, high-functioning space is daunting indeed. Where is one to begin?

In The Perfect Kitchen, Waterworks cofounder Barbara Sallick explores the process of designing a kitchen in great and beautiful detail, from surfaces and finishes to storage, cabinetry, and hardware. The book is enriched by dozens of images of kitchens by esteemed designers such as Steven Gambrel, Gil Schafer, and Suzanne Kasler; essays by top food icons including Julia Turshen and Melissa Clark about their own kitchens; and important, how-to advice.

Combining evocative, informative photography with an authoritative, engaging narrative, The Perfect Kitchen is an essential, lasting resource that will appeal to discerning homeowners and professionals alike looking for upscale visual inspiration and design advice.

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The Perfect Bath by Barbara Sallick

We are honored to share a ‘Master Class’ in Barbara Sallick’s beautiful and informative book ‘The Perfect Bath’.

From Dust Jacket:
Whether you call it your sanctuary, retreat, oasis, or spa, the bath is unlike any other room in the house. It can be the most private and indulgent of spaces or a simple, public one in which guests need to feel comfortable. Today’s bath is an expression of personal style and priorities, and the luxurious focal point of sophisticated interiors. Creating the perfect bath has become an obsession for homeowners and designers. Yet perhaps no room in the house requires as much forethought and planning as the bath. In The Perfect Bath, Barbara Sallick, co-ronder of Waterworks, the luxury brand of bath fittings, fixtures, furniture and accessories, explores the process of desinging a bath in great and beautiful detail. She shares exquisite images of favorite and esteemed baths, and talks with top designers about their work, including Suzanne Lovell, Pamela Shamshiri, Thomas O’Brien, Lee Mindel, Gil Schafer, Tim Clarke, and Steven Gambrel, and offers important, how-to advice for homeowners. Combining evocative, informative photography with authoritative, engaging how-to advice for homeowners, The Perfect Bath will be an essential, lasting resource.

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Andrew Martin Volume 23

Andrew Martin International Interior Design Review, Volume 23: The World’s Top 100 Designers

The Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year attracts entries from all over the globe and is described by The Times as ‘The Oscars for the interior design world’.

Suzanne Lovell Inc, Chicago, USA. A professional team of architects, designers and art advisers, specializing in residential projects. Current work includes a large summer retreat in Highland Park, IL, a landmark Howard Van Doren Shaw residence in Oak Park, IL and a private beachfront enclave in the Dominican Republic. Recent projects include a contemporary ocean front penthouse in the Gulf Coast, a Tudor mansion in Upstate New York and a luxury superyacht in Nassau, Bahamas. Design philosophy: to create couture environments for extraordinary living.

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Andrew Martin Volume 21

Andrew Martin International Interior Design Review, Volume 21: The World’s Top 100 Designers

The Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year attracts entries from all over the globe and is described by The Times as ‘The Oscars for the interior design world’.

Suzanne Lovell Inc, Chicago, USA, Projects are international, for private clients. Current work includes a beachfront compound in the Dominican Republic, a significant Florida Gulf coast residence and a lakefront home in Michigan. Recent projects include a prominent penthouse in downtown Chicago, a family home in Palm Beach, Florida, the renovation of an historic residence in Upstate New York and a contemporary, multi-unit penthouse in Miami Beach, Florida. Design philosophy: couture environments for extraordinary living.

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Ingrid Donat

We are delighted to have several recent projects included in the first monograph devoted to Ingrid Donat – Éditions Norma/Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Excerpt from
Ingrid Donat creates sculpted furniture, most often in bronze. Taking a painterly approach to this weighty medium, Donat draws on diverse decorative influences. Art Deco, tribal tattooing, the work of Gustav Klimt and Armand-Albert Rateau have all inspired the intricate patterning of her work.

Elements of Donat’s practice remain consistent. Her creative process begins with a sheet of wax, which she inscribes, carves and shapes to form the skin of her work. This structure is then applied to her designs. She herself engraves the bronzes, paints the upholstery and treats the wood. Her pieces have been cast at the same bronze foundry, the Blanchet-Landowski, for over 20 years, as the stamp they bear goes to prove. Though often large and heavy, there is a delicacy to Donat’s work. Almost like armor, she uses bronze to shield an idea of the fragile.

In addition to her skilled craft, Donat is also an accomplished engineer. ‘Commode 7 Engrenages’ incorporates a column of cogs into its sides. They begin to whir when the chest’s drawers are opened or closed. The intrinsic mechanism animates the piece with movement and sound.

Born in Paris into a family of artists, Donat was raised in Sweden. In 1975 she returned to her birthplace to explore her passion for sculpture at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. During these years she began to apply her sculptural talent to functional pieces, strongly encouraged by her mentor Diego Giacometti. Only in 1998 did Donat begin to exhibit publicly a body of work she had been creating for over twenty years.

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