Lovell Art Advisory

Monumental artwork by Kara Walker as installed our Client’s Private Residence in the St. Regis, New York.

A photograph by Candida Höfer graces the living room of a Scarsdale, New York residence. Featured in the August 2019 issue of Interior Design Home.

Matthias Bitzer’s masterpiece of 100 mixed media works c. 2015 with Jim Zivic’s steel chain sculptural table.

A pair of oil on canvas works by Nils Erik Gjerdevik c. 2015.

Joan Miró’s L’Oiseau Mongol, 1969 above a limited edition desk in bronze and parchment by Ingrid Donat.

Iván Navarro’s sculptural drum with neon and one-way mirror as installed in our project in Miami.

Larry Bell’s Vertical Landscape #192 (1990) in mylar, laminating film and mixed media on white canvas with Donald Judd’s chair c. 1991/2004.

Darren Almond’s Steam I (2015) is a 20-panel installation in acrylic with heavy gel gloss medium on linen.

Lovell Art Advisory is engaged in an active dialogue with trusted dealers, artists and auction specialists as we present vetted artwork to our Clients. We preview Fine Art and Design Shows around the world and commission unique works from artists and makers with expertise in a variety of media.


Our role is to offer each collector a customized curatorial vision and strategy around art collecting. Exhibition and studio visits are an important part of this dialogue as we preview work locally and globally on behalf of our clients. Using a multi-generational curatorial philosophy, we create collections that bridge various periods and are anchored by significant works that epitomize the ideologies of their time.

Our team serves as a guide to the acquisition and integration of collectible design into the home environment. With a historical and scholarly approach, we frequently commission site specific installations and furniture by the most innovative artists and designers. Deeply engaged in the lively, essential discourse on modern and contemporary design, we are passionate about the conceptual blurring of boundaries around what has traditionally been labelled art and design.

We offer a full range of services, from market research to art placement, installation management, framing and restoration. Art show and gallery exhibitions are previewed and vetted to build efficient itineraries. Dossiers are created for the artworks and artists that the client is considering adding to their collection, as each selection is well researched. Art market comparables are discussed as are auction bidding strategies and private sale opportunities.