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Elan Atelier

May 14, 2018

These Ranchu Bowls are bronze with gold leaf and come in a variety of sizes.
Size 1: 5.7” W x 2.2″ D x 1.2” H
Size 2: 5.7″ W x 2.2″ D x 1.2″ H
Size 3: 6.7” W x 3” D x 1.2”
Size 4: 8” W x 2.6“ D x 1.2” H
Size 5: 9.8” W x 2.6” D x 1.2” H
Size 6: 10” W x 2.6” D x 1.2” H
Size 7: 12.6” W x 3.1” D x 1.2” H

Image courtesy of: Coup d’Etat

We really love Elan Atelier and the way he seamlessly melds French and Asian styles which he casts in, our favorite, gold. Designing everything from a bench to a table lamp to a beautiful table accessory, Elan Atelier likes to say they are “jewelry for the home”.

This Ranchu bowl is a cast bronze shell with a gold-leaf inner lining. Just a glance demonstrates how precise the technique which designed this object was.Image courtesy of: Coup d’Etat

Casting in a variety of materials such as shagreen, bronze and gold, everything Elan Atelier touches is like an object d’art. They all stand out, even in the most curated of showrooms.

These Hasu bowls resemble the Ranchu collection of bowls in the qualities that they possess. They are quite stunning. Available in three sizes, these bowls can be made in four different finishes: antique bronze, dark bronze, silver or brass. Below are the four different sizes…

Small: 4 3/4” Diameter x 2 3/4” H
Medium: 5 1/2” Diameter x 3 1/8” H
Large: 7 1/8” Diameter x 4 1/8” H
X-Large: 7 7/8” Diameter x 4 7/8” H

Image courtesy of: Atelier Gary Lee

The Earth Side Table is shown in antique gold with hammered bronze legs and a petrified wood top. Who doesn’t love a petrified wood top? Dimensions: 36.5 cm (w) x 37 cm (d) x 46 cm (h). Image courtesy of Elan Atelier

Jewel Table Lamp, contemporary in style, is bronze with a linen shade. Dimensions are: 15.7” (d) x 27.1″ (h). Image courtesy of Coup D’Etat