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Rigano and Muller’s Shore Rugs utilize innovative anti-fatigue material

July 05, 2017


Image courtesy of: Design Milk

The London duo of Louie Rigano and Gil Muller create “Shore” rug designs that are are known for chunky, bold weaves with substantial texture. For people who stand for long periods of time, this technique is incremental in reducing fatigue… its the “anti-fatigue” floor covering. The cushioning, in addition to the massage-like experience the rugs provide is made possible by the pure silicone material it’s made from.

Each Shore Rug is handmade by skilled artisans in their London workshop.

Image courtesy of: Louie Rigano

Shore Rugs (such as this one from the 2015 collection) utilize a parallel format of silicone, in the form of cord, allowing them to be woven tightly. This format is so durable and won’t soon lose its spring-back qualities.


Image courtesy of: Louie Rigano

Made for both indoor and outdoor use, easy maintenance makes Shore Rugs brilliant.

Image courtesy of: Rug News

In May, Shore Rugs won ICFF Editors’ award for “Most Innovative Material”. The hand-woven 100% silicone material feels like a gel shoe insert and is able to release leg stain caused by standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time. The 12-mm cords have no fibers, are hypoallergenic, waterproof… and thus, completely easy to clean-up.