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Art is no longer a “Boys’ Club”!

August 07, 2014

Since ancient times, men have dominated the art scene; but times have certainly changed. Here are a few female artists whose works we love. Specializing in many different types of art, these women have made quite an impact on today’s art world through their unique and creative pieces!

Sara Greenberger Rafferty is a 35 year old Brooklyn artist whose mixed media collages and photographs comic relief emanating from them.  It’s not uncommon to see splattered whipping cream or a famous comedian make an appearance in her work. Why shouldn’t art be funny too?

Sara Greenberger RaffertyPerformance Document: Self Portrait with Pancakes, 2003-06

Photo courtesy of: Sara Greenberger Rafferty Studio

Julie Mehretu is an Ethiopian born artist that calls NYC her home. Mehretu’s large scale works feature layers upon layers of different elements and media. Her finished canvases feature architectural structures such as airports and stadiums. We can’t wait to see what she thinks of next…

Julie Mehretu, Image courtesy of: Blog- Blood Sells

Kara Walker is a contemporary African American artist who isn’t afraid to explore race and gender; in fact, she search out those, among other, controversial themes in her work.  Walker is most known for her black paper silhouettes. Recently, Walker’s Sugar Sphinx exhibition at the old Domino Sugar Refinery in Brooklyn was the “talk of the town”. Comprised of 80-tons of donated sugar, the sphinx looms 35 feet tall and is filled with too many not-so-subtle meanings to mention.  

Kara Walker’s now infamous installation in Brooklyn, 2014.

Photo courtesy of: The New York Times