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Berti Knives

December 14, 2020

White Insieme Collection. This customized set can include any knife from the collection.
Image courtesy of: Relish Decor

Berti has a long and storied history of steel, fire, and skilled craftsmanship. Founded in 1895 by David Berti in an Italian artisan workshop, the company has remained true to its heritage for 125 years. Now, Berti is under the guidance of David’s great-grandson Andrea, and the masterful production takes place in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, 25 miles from Florence.

Following David, Severino took over until Alvaro replaced him. Andrea, Alvaro’s son maintains the same passion and precision that the Berti family has held onto for more than one hundred years. The knives are produced in small quantities in Scarperia. Each and every part is made by a craftsman!

The initials of the craftsman who made the blade: D. R. From the Insieme Collection, the collection comes with a magnetized wooden block. “Insieme” means “together” in Italian, maybe referencing spending time together while using these special utensils.
Image courtesy of: Relish Decor

Berti kitchen knives are highly desired by renowned chefs throughout the world. The table knives maintain a strictly smooth blade, while Japanese ones are a tribute to a long Asian tradition of creating  knives.

The best steel is used for the blades and ox, deer, and buffalo horn and wood are options for the carved handles. Following the tradition of the past hundred years, the same person who starts the knife carries it out until it is completed. The work is entirely manual and since the work on each piece is NOT divided between several people, you will find the initials of the craftsman on the blade.

A set of four kitchen knives with cornotech handle.
The cornotech handle is made of lucite and finished to appear similar to horn. Included in the set is a prosciutto knife, bread knife, bone knife, and carving knife.
Image courtesy of: Artemest

Berti’s intent is “to make knives with integrity and authenticity that cannot result from industrialized production.” The company makes over 600 styles, from pocket knives to truffle knives to cigar cutters.

To appeal to today’s consumers, the company has allowed for innovation with the recent addition of lucite handles for the “Convivio Nuovo” line. Despite following the same handcrafted traditions, these pieces are dishwasher safe.


A short clip by Coltellerie Berti.

Even though each knife is handmade and crafted, start to finish, by a single artisan, some pieces take up to nine days to complete. The mastery that goes into some pocket knives is a skill that takes a lifetime to hone.

The company’s philosophy and mission is “to make knives with integrity and authenticity that cannot result from industrialized production.” In other words, a Berti knife is an heirloom!

A Red-Handled Kitchen Knife.
Image courtesy of: Food 52

The knife blocks are also objects of art, designed with magnetic attachments to form any desired arrangement. In addition, the individual blocks show a silhouette and the knife’s name (in Italian) so that you always know where each blade belongs.

Just another wonderful reason to visit Italy…