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Costa Nova

Costa Nova Pearl Collection.

Costa Nova Pearl Collection.
Image courtesy of: Yvonne Estelle’s

Costa Nova is a Portugese stoneware company that was born out of “the love of life, family, and good food.” Those three aspects played a big part in the company that was founded near the Atlantic Ocean, in a small fishing village that has become renowned for creating superior stoneware with unparalleled ceramic craftsmanship.

Costa Nova has become known for (courtesy of the company’s website) “carrying Portugal’s name and heritage all over the world, the brand is present across the 5 continents, in prestigious department stores and boutiques, hotels and renowned restaurants.”

Lagoa 11

Lagoa 11″ dinner plate.
Image courtesy of: Costa Nova

Costa Nova uses the very best natural resources domestically available to ensure that their stoneware collections are produced from the best local clay. The choice of materials translates to a high commitment to both sustainability and superior aesthetics. Together with other natural materials such as wood, leather, and cork, the offerings of tablewares pair beautifully with the company’s flatware, table linen, serving ware, and glassware collections.

From the beginning, the company pledged to stay current and as such, a team of designers, technicians, craftsmen, and modelers continuously work hard to innovate their ever-evolving collection. The handcrafted, made in Portugal pieces are constantly tweaked to present altered shapes and new colors.

Nova White oval platter, the collection is also available in turquoise.

Nova White oval platter, the collection is also available in turquoise.
Image courtesy of: Bone and White

Costa Nova is unique in that the products are made in a single firing system that is heated up to 2,160 degrees Fahrenheit. The high temperature in combination with a singular process “creates a unique ceramic body with a special bonding between the clay and the glazed surface.” This distinctive operation is the reason behind the stonewares’ durability and resistance “to both thermal and mechanical shocks.”


Ecogres® products are made from a new, raw material that is produced by collecting, recycling, and reusing glazes and clays discarded in Costa Nova’s own operations.
Image courtesy of: Costa Nova

With a strong respect towards nature, each collections is made with sustainability in mind. Specifically, the company has entire collections that are Ecogres®, a registered trademark of Grestel; meaning they are made out of recycled materials and completely eco-friendly. To achieve this classification, products under this label are certain “to be made of non-hazardous recycled materials, derived from ceramic surplus and other additives.”

Ecogres® is a trademark that resulted from years of education and investigation in collaboration with Universidade de Aveiro, a local university. The research ensued in a raw material that considers Natural Resources Prevention (reducing the volume of natural, raw materials), Energy Efficiency (reducing the ecological footprint), and Health and Safety (reducing waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill).

Recycled Clay Stacked Organic Dinnerware in multiple colors

Recycled Clay Stacked Organic Dinnerware, available in: salt, cremini, port, sky, deep sea, mixed cool set, and mixed warm set.
Image courtesy of: Food 52

Since 2006, Costa Nova has been translating their love of the Mediterranean lifestyle to high-quality ceramics. It is the products’ durability and functionality that has made them a success all over the world. Dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven safe… there is truly something special about this stoneware!