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MH Ceramics

MH Ceramics Deckle Paper Collection pieces.

The Deckle Paper Collection. The items are extremely delicate, almost resembling paper, and made from the whitest and purest porcelain. The collection is not glazed; however, it has been treated with a food-safe nano-technology that makes each item stain resistant.
Image courtesy of: MH Ceramics

MH Ceramics is the brainchild of the international food stylist, Marie-Helene Clauzon. With a two decade background in styling and design, Clauzon has always been surrounded by good taste. It doesn’t hurt that the designer grew up in an artistic family that loved good food.

With a father and grandfather who were painters and photographers, Clauzon felt as though (courtesy of MH Ceramics), “it was the norm to live in a home filled with artwork, to sit down everyday to a great meal, to have the tiniest amount of wine every Sunday.”

MH Ceramics Japanese Black Collection

Round platter from the Japanese Black Collection.
Image courtesy of: MH Ceramics

When the time came for Clauzon to find handmade pieces to use in food-styling photoshoots, she realized there were none she loved. So… she decided to make her own. With a little experience in ceramics from art school, it wasn’t long before Clauzon re-familiarized herself with clay; soon, she found her unique style.

Most important was that the ceramic look and feel organic, simple, and stylish. In addition, it was essential that the pieces be tactile so that they catch the light. For Clauzon, making ceramics became a way to express her creativity; and in such, she was able to merge a number of things she loves.

MH Ceramics Bleu de Nimes Collection's salt/ring dishes.

Salt/ring dishes from the Bleu de Nimes Collection. Some pieces have a “naked” rim that reveals the clay while others have a glazed white rim.
Image courtesy of: MH Ceramics

Clauzon’s ceramics all begin with a ball of clay that she rolls out by hand. Through this organic process, a shape naturally evolves. What emerges is perfectly imperfect… unpredictable and simple. If there was ever a perfect example of the Japanese philosophy “wabi-sabi,” this is it.

The texture Clauzon includes adds an extra “it” dimension. The pieces make you feel as though you should touch them… perhaps to feel the energy they emit. The artist has said that people ask her if she thinks her ceramics have a soul. To that Clauzon says, without doubt.

MH Ceramics The Arborium Vases resemble tree branches.

An assortment of Arborium Vases, inspired by tree branches. The milky glaze is not applied throughout, some parts of the vessel are left unglazed… exploring the clay and creating a juxtaposition between the texture and the color.
Image courtesy of: MH Ceramics

The hope is that the elegant, organic shapes culminate in a modern design that will be en-vogue for the long haul. Whether you are displaying flowers in them or cherishing a bit of food on them, Clauzon hopes that ML Ceramics will be treasured and enjoyed… the objects “exude a refined sensibility and beauty.”

The raw clay is intentionally exposed in some parts, further adding to Clauzon’s unique styling. She adheres to two different glazes, satin and matte, to create fluid aesthetics on each surface. The porcelain becomes a milky white; a shade that works with anything and everything else that it might be paired with.

MH Ceramics The Paris Collection.

The Paris Collection… utterly fitting as Clauzon recently closed her studio in Australia and moved to Paris.
Image courtesy of: MH Ceramics

Over the past several years, MH Ceramics have garnered a worldwide following for their ethereal style. Who would have thought it would be a former food stylist and photographer who comes up with what was missing? The creations have appeared on a number of cooking and design magazines such as Marie Claire, Cooking Light, Elle Decoration UK, and Home Beautiful Australia. Surely, more to come!