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De Waal wins medal at London Craft Week

June 23, 2017

Edmund De Waal, Detail of Music in Thirteen Parts, 2017. Comprised of 11 porcelain vessels and two alabaster blocks in an aluminum and plexiglass vitrine. Image courtesy of: Wallpaper

We love Edmund de Waal’s pieces… they just beg to be touched. So, we couldn’t let his medal at London’s Craft Week to go unnoticed on our end. Last month, de Waal was honored for his amazing creativity and craftsmanship.

This award, presented on Opening Night at the Victoria and Albert Museum, is traditionally given to the artist who demonstrates innovation and has enhanced his field substantially. De Waal was an easy choice!

The British artist learned pottery at a young age and spend substantial time in Japan… honing his craft. His ceramic vessels are usually presented in a monochromatic arrangement and are displayed at museums throughout the world

De Waal said, about receiving the award, “It’s a ridiculous pleasure, receiving this award in my favorite museum. Craft is a way of thinking about the world. Craft crosses all kinds of boundaries, it’s about head, heart, eyes and hands”. He said that being presented this award was a special pleasure he was especially proud of!


A detail from an Edmund de Waal installation, breathturn I, 2013. Image courtesy of: Seattle Times

A couple of years ago, de Waal began experimenting with black porcelain glazes. At his solo “Ten thousand things” at Gagosian in Beverly Hills, this was a favorite… to speak to you, 2015. Image courtesy of: Wallpaper


The author of two books, de Waal’s The White Road: Journey into an Obsession is a fascinating look into his lifelong obsession with porcelain, or “white gold”.

De Waal’s previous book, The Hare with Amber Eyes is both a detective story and a memoir; yet here also, de Waal’s love of ceramics is clearly illustrated as a central vein in his life.