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Elizabeth Magill’s “Headlands” solo exhibition leaves a lasting impression

November 14, 2017

Elizabeth MagillSulphur, 2017, Mono-screenprint and paint on 600 gsm Somerset Satin paper, 54.7” X 68.1 paper size

Image courtesy of Kerlin Gallery and the Artist

Elizabeth Magill is one of her generation’s leading painters, having exhibited since the late 1980s. Her landscapes capture atmospheric conditions with great sensitivity: the luminosity of daybreak, the cool glow of moonlight, and seem to be sited on the edge of urbanity, with roofs, streetlamps or telephone wires occasionally sited as background elements. Human persona are rare, while landscape elements – specifically trees, dominate. The works are layered and imbued with memory, experience and even incorporate photography that is then layered and scraped away. Each piece evokes a mood felt by the viewer as the artist’s work leaves a mark – visual, experiential and emotional.

Exhibition images courtesy of Galleries Now

Magill was born in Canada, grew up in Northern Ireland and now lives and works in London. Her solo exhibition ‘Headland’ is travelling from the Limerick City Gallery of Art (2017) to Dublin and Belfast (both 2018). For ‘Headland’, Magill extends her oeuvre with silkscreen prints on canvas and paper, and then adding paint.

She is represented in many public and private collections including those of the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, the British Museum, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and others. In 2011, she was awarded the Sunny Dupree Family Award by the Royal Academy, London.

Elizabeth MagillWildlife, 2017, Oil and screenprint on canvas, 60.2” X 72.2”

Image courtesy of Kerlin Gallery and the Artist

Elizabeth MagillAnterior (2), 2017, Mono-screenprint and paint on 600gsm Somerset Satin paper, 57.1” X 72.8” paper size

Image courtesy of Kerlin Gallery and the Artist

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