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Kaori Kurihara’s botanical ceramics

August 03, 2019

Kurihara’s exhibition “Ceramiques Gourmandes” is on view this summer at the Bernardaud Foundation in Paris.
Image courtesy of: This is Colossal

Japanese-born Kaori Kurihara’s textured ceramics are unique and imaginative beyond belief. Kurihara studied pottery at a university in Kyoto; and went on to further refine her craft in France. It was during this stage of her career when she added jewelry-making to her arsenal.

Kurihara’s illustrations.
Image courtesy of: Le Polyedre

Perhaps it is the element of surprise that makes Kurihara’s ceramics so beautiful. The gourds, bananas, and cauliflower shapes are familiar yet imaginative.

The added details such as the dimples are articulated by hand and finished to perfection. Kurihara incorporates techniques, such as enameling, that she mastered through years of perfecting her craft.

Although in French, this video beautifully showcases the intricacies of Kurihara’s ceramics.
Video courtesy of: YouTube

About her work Kurihara says, “I take inspiration from the plant world with particular attention to forms and their geometric repetition. Every element of nature seems to repeat itself, but in fact there is an infinite variety of it. I have the deep desire to make concrete the fruits represented in my mind and to be able to contemplate them through my own eyes.”

A view of some unfinished pieces in Kurihara’s studio.
Image courtesy of: This Is Colossal

Kurihara draws her inspiration from nature, mainly plant life… and she focuses on shapes and their geometric repetition. Each element repeats itself; but never in the exact same way. She loves the visual aspect of natural geometry. In such, Kurihara creates ceramic pieces that are both realistic and dreamy.

A close-up photograph of Kurihara’s ceramics.
Image courtesy of: This Is Colossal

Today, France is Kurihara’s adopted home… it is here that she takes the ceramics culture she grew up with in Japan and reinvents it to work with the aesthetics she is surrounded by in France. Regardless of the locale, Kurihara has remained true to her inspirations!