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Taking the High Road at London Wall Place

Dreaming of warmer weather in blustery Chicago, the notion of enjoying leisurely moments of sunshine and warmth have our attention. As of August 2018 London residents have a new place where they can lounge amid gardens and history.

Pedestrians can enjoy the gardens and use either the bridge or footpaths to traverse the land. Image courtesy of Arch Daily.

In August 2018 London architecture firm Make completed a pair of office towers called London Wall Place. The construction of two office towers was at the forefront of the project.

However, what makes this project noteworthy are the historical architectural elements Make embraced and incorporated into their design of additional public spaces and gardens. The inclusion of green space accounts for half of the project footprint!

The remaining archways of St. Alphage Church. Image courtesy of the Londonist.

The project site has a rich history. It contains original sections of the London Wall constructed by the Romans in the late 2nd or early 3rd century. Archways of mideival St. Alphage Church stand tall as the newly added weathered steel bridge weaves above.

Residents requested more pedestrian bridges to connect and extend the existing the postwar network of paths. Image courtesy of The Guardian.

Central to the site development, Make elevated and enhanced existing walkways. Nearby residents enjoyed more elevated walkways and bridges to help navigate and avoid busy streets.

The new elevated bridges are more relaxed in their design…graceful, sinuous curves instead of straight, linear bridges to rush pedestrians along. The bridges are wide enough to accommodate benches inviting users to sit and dwell in the space rather than pass through.

Weathered steel bridges and gardens offer a place for neighborhood and business tower residents to unwind. Image courtesy of Arch Daily.

One and half acres of public space was gained though clever planning. This accounts for half of the project space. Public parks and gardens have become more and more important as cities across the world become more congested. We are lucky Chicago boasts many public parks with art and historical features for us to enjoy!


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