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Marc Wood glass lighting

November 21, 2022

Pleated Crystal Lights by Marc Wood

Pleated crystal lights.
Image courtesy of: Surface Magazine

Marc Wood is a London-based designer who creates amazing sculptural lighting fixtures alongside his artisans in his eponymous London studio. Collaborating with some of the world’s best craftspeople, specifically Czech glassblowers, the products the studio designs are truly meant to stand the true test of time.

Wood believes that artistry is invaluable and that the pieces he creates will bring a sense of peace and joy to their owners. The studio is emotional about staying true to traditional craftsmanship; in such, the beauty produced should be properly celebrated.

Awaiting bulbs.

Unfinished bulbs waiting…
Coincidently, Wood’s relative, Frans Wais, was the brother-in-law and business partner of Daniel Swarovski. The two successfully created, and then patented, the first electric glass crystal cutting machine which revolutionized the glass industry.
Image courtesy of: Architonic

Wood had a diverse cultural upbringing as he was born to an English mother and a Czech father. The designer spent his childhood in both London and Prague; this gave him a wonderful appreciation for both distinct cultures and a love for exploration and travel that remains unbridled.

From his father’s side, there is a deep-rooted connection to high-level craftsmanship and close-ties to the Czech glass industry. Wood’s eclectic and unusual upbringing inspired within him a passion for craftsmanship and helped him to further understand the importance of the craft industry. Wood’s strong connection to glass is why it has remained the designer’s material of choice. An added bonus is that much of it is still produced in the Czech village that neighbors his grandparents’ farmhouse.

Jack & Jill cluster lights by Marc Wood

Jack & Jill Cluster Lights
Image courtesy of: Achitonic

Inside the studio, the crew draws upon the skills developed over centuries and reframes them with unparalleled expertise for contemporary design and technology. By collaborations with top artisans, Wood is able to bring his designs to fruition.

Two years ago, Wood began collaborating with a London-based stonemason in an effort to (courtesy of Surface Magazine) “incorporate the various beautiful characteristics of marble into my new collections.” Called Rosa Rings, the collection beautifully presents the opaque elegance of natural mable, “and incorporates backlit Rosa Estremoz marble discs that emit a soft, warm illumination, pierced by the natural veining of the stone.”

Marc Wood Rosa Ring Pendant

The 3-Piece Rosa Ring Cluster
Image courtesy of: Marc Wood

The Pleated Crystal collection was the studio’s debut collection in 2014. The initial collection was comprised of ceiling pendants, a side light, and a standing floor lamp. Wood designed the pieces with “light-play” in mind; particularly (courtesy of Marc Wood’s web site), “the highly prized double walled borosilicate glass shade sparkles with colour as it refracts the rays passing through, emitting a warm playful glow that looks different from every angle.”

The collection is handmade in Bohemia and London; again… it is inspired by Wood’s love for Czech artisan glasswork and British engineering details.

The Rose Pendant; the double-faced LED base creates a warm glow within a crystal glass sphere.

The Rose Pendant; the double-faced LED base creates a warm glow within a crystal glass sphere.
Image courtesy of: Sleeper Magazine

Wood has said, “My work draws on the skills of the best craftspeople I can find. Over the years I have nurtured great connections with our artisans and feel a deep sense of responsibility towards them and the communities that their crafts support. It’s hugely rewarding to work with makers at the top of their game and a thrill to be able to contribute to industries with such rich histories.”