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New Apparatus showroom in LA

May 20, 2019

The archways are built into the plasterwork and vary in size from two huge openings to a series of smaller arches which form an arcade.
Image courtesy of: Architectural Digest

Apparatus recently opened their first West Coast showroom in Los Angeles, marking a full circle for Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson, Apparatus’ co-founders, who met in the California city seven years ago.

The 5,000-square-foot renovated warehouse space in Hollywood’s MacCadden Place is the brand’s third location, following the headquarters in New York City and a European outpost in Milan. Once a former television production studio, creative director Hendifar oversaw the design which features shadowy arcades and cracked flooring.

Antiques were sourced from neighboring JF Chen and Blackman Cruz, and the style inside was beautifully completed by Helle Walsted.
Image courtesy of: Architectural Digest

“Desaturated sunset tones” is the mood at the new Apparatus showroom. These tones complement the metallic and monochrome hues of the company’s lighting, furniture, and home objects.

Additional details include stony floors with delicate cracks, dark textured folding doors, and golden and cream rugs. Inside, there is an area that resembles an outdoor yard where a tree grows up from a huge stone planter. Alongside the planter is a matching table and velvety sofa which really couldn’t complement the area any better!

Several of Giorgio de Chirico’s paintings were the showroom’s inspiration. The Italian artist provided Hendifar with many suggestions and cues for the space.
Image courtesy of: Anniversary

Displayed across that showroom are several collections from which Apparatus draws inspiration. All different yet with a smilier vibe, these inlcude the Wiener Werkstatte art movement, the forms of ceremonial objects used for ancient rituals, and Hendifar’s personal pieces which pay tribute to his Persian heritage.

This gridded sill and glass entrance is much more prominent than its East Coast older sibling.
Image courtesy of: Anniversary

The entrance has no street facing windows, rather it is made from an imposing steel and glass facade. All the light enters in from a row of windows 15 feet above the ground. The mood in the Los Angeles outpost beautifully echos the experience one has at Apparatus’ NYC location.

Image courtesy of: Anniversary

Hendifar said, “I’m always interested in how the things we make live in context. This particular space presented a context that felt like it required this statement.”

We absolutely love how the perfectly partitioned rooms display Apparatus’ high-end, crafted lighting pieces and art installations. Once those are in place, the geometric furniture and housewares meld right in!