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New Frontier Design creates custom tiny homes

September 04, 2023

Riverside, sold turnkey with appliances, furniture, and cutlery.

Riverside, sold turnkey with appliances, furniture, and cutlery.
The Scandinavian-inspired tiny home includes a living room, dining area, porch, sleeping loft, and an exterior storage box. The home is built on an 8.5′ x 24′ trailer. The house is 204-square-feet and finished with maple ply-walls and solid walnut hardwood floors.
Image courtesy of: Tiny Living

For years, consumers have spoken about living a more simple life and leaving behind a smaller footprint. One company has actually adopted that philosophy… and that movement is gaining steam. The Nashville based- New Frontier Design is leading the charge which has gained traction as the idea of a large mortgage and the disillusionment with the conventional housing market has taken shape in a post-pandemic world.

The interior of Alpha.

The interior of Alpha.
Image courtesy of: Fundkite

The company is designing and building beautiful and custom tiny homes. New Frontier Tiny Homes is committed to using the best materials; furthermore, is has very high craftsmanship standards which helps execute the original designs.

Today, analytics state that more than half of Americans would consider living in a “tiny home.” However the obstacle that once existed… actually building the home… is now alleviated by New Frontier Tiny Homes. The company has more than forty years of building and design experience, New Frontier Design is able to help customers turn dreams into reality.

Alpha one of the five versions avaliable. The home features charred wood skins, vintage interiors, huge windows, a fold-down patio, and eclectic furniture.

Alpha, as shown above, is one of the five versions available. The home features charred wood skins, vintage interiors, huge windows, a fold-down patio, and eclectic furniture.
Image courtesy of: Inhabitat

New Frontier Design was founded by David Latimer; he is also the CEO and lead designer of the quickly-growing company. The homes are shipped on a trailer and can be kept on the trailer (courtesy of Fundkite) “for mobile living or stationed permanently for an eco-friendly abode.”

Unique to Latimer’s brand is that the homes are luxurious… no small detail was overlooked or skimped. The luxury amenities, use of high quality maple and walnut wood, and elevated appliances within the functional living space makes downsizing seem entirely possible.

New Frontier’s Tiny Homes Can Be Delivered Right to Your Doorstep Meet the founder of a company that offers tiny residences that are big on design

Latimer in one of his luxury tiny homes.
Image courtesy of: Architectural Digest

Latimer confirms that with tiny homes, each and every inch is well-allocated. The company committed itself to ensuring how to best maximize functionality and efficiency, as well as how to be the most deliberate with the interior and exterior aesthetics. It certainly does not hurt that Latimer has traveled the world and has been exposed to many different cultures throughout his life.

During his childhood summers, Latimer worked construction in Nashville. Following his graduation from Furman University in South Carolina, he backpacked through Europe for six months prior to moving to New York City and working in the fashion industry. Three years later, Latimer moved to Uganda to help expand an orphanage. One year later, he moved to Chicago to work in the restaurant industry; however when Latimer was presented with an opportunity to open a restaurant in Nashville, he moved back home. Sadly though, or maybe it was kismet, that opportunity fell though. This allowed Latimer to come to the conclusion that he wanted to “blend his values with a purpose, doing what he loved while giving back.” He also realized the need to “counteract consumer culture, the need for everything bigger and better, all of the wastefulness and greed in the world and constant buying of unnecessary ‘stuff’.”

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Two homes put side-by-side for a larger footprint.
Image courtesy of: House Beautiful

Latimer says (courtesy of Dwell), “A lot of tiny house designers/builders try to cram a bunch of shelves and high cabinetry for added storage. This closes off an already small space. I like clean lines, and I don’t want to see clutter. I want to see the beautiful shape of the home, the finishes, the lighting, and I want it to look and feel clean.” We love the this idea… and we are sure that this trend will only continue to grow!