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Sarah Cihat

January 05, 2022

Sarah Cihat's dinnerware from the Mixte Collection.

Mixte Dinne Plate. The dinnerware is handmade in grey porcelain with contrasting lines of colored porcelain. Each piece from the collection is fully matte and highlighted with an authentic copper luster along the rim.
Image courtesy of: Sarah Cihat

We jump at any opportunity to share some of our favorite ceramics artists and Sarah Cihat is no different! The young designer is passionate about clay and initially became known for her “Rehabilitated Dishware” collection. This interesting collection debuted the same year Cihat graduated from the Parsons School of Design.

For several years following graduation, Cihat worked out of a shared rental space in a large ceramic studio in Brooklyn. Working along other ceramic artists allowed her to share common ideas while growing her business. Throughout this period, Cihat began her “exercise in sustainability that reincarnates existing products.”

Sarah Cihat Porcelain Gold-Rimmed Serveware in Rose

Porcelain Gold-Rimmed Serveware in Rose.
Image courtesy of: Food52

Working in a shared space also allowed Cihat to explore other methods in ceramics such as slip casting porcelain, glazing, and mold-making. Nevertheless, the ceramicist decided that a move to Nashville was in her future. Cihat says that her most recent inspiration is the (courtesy of Food 52), “3-dimensional immediacy of clay, her pieces are geometric and mathematical while still feeling warm and dynamic.”

The Rehabilitated Collection where each piece is one-of-a-kind.

Purple Plum Feather Dinner Plate from Cihat’s Rehabilitated Dishwater Collection. Each piece is one-of-a-kind with slight glaze variations.
Image courtesy of: Sarah Cihat

Cihat’s “Rehab” line was developed as her thesis project at Parsons School of Design. As an environmentalist, she wanted to bring new life to unwanted products. As such, she developed a unique process of redesigning and reglazing discarded dishes that she had previously found at thrift stores and in “seconds” piles. Before long, Cihat found a way to reincarnate boring dishes into revolutionary, modern graphic pieces while preserving the original texture and pattern.

A Steller Collection Globe by Sarah Cihat

Hand-cast vase from the Steller Collection. The multicolored marble porcelain has a metallic glaze accent.
Image courtesy of: Sarah Cihat

Since graduating almost twenty years ago, Cihat’s pieces have evolved widely. After the Rehabilitation Collection, Cihat went on to create colorful and graphic dinnerware with a celestial theme. Afterwards, she started making hand-cast, minimal porcelain pieces that employ gold accents. Most recently, Cihat’s designs employ a linear look in a black and white color scheme.

Sarah Cihat’s Claw Vase

Claw Vase, porcelain with 22k gold or platinum claws. Available in soft blue, grey, white, black, or pink with either gold or platinum claws.
Image courtesy of: Sarah Cihat

Cihat’s work is extremely varied; however there is one common thing among all items. Courtesy of Martha Stewart, “The one thing I want is for my work to have a lasting, timeless quality,” she says. “And that you will keep it in your home and your family for a long time.” I think that’s a no-brainer!