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Sean Lavin’s lighting

July 14, 2021

Bau Pendant. Inspired by The Bauhaus School, the fixture has four geometric metal stamped fins that house integrated LED lights. Available in both Nightshade Black and Natural Brass.
Image courtesy of: Chicago Design Magazine

Sean Lavin has been the Chief Design Officer for Visual Comfort & Co. for over twenty years. As of late, he has collaborated with Visual Comfort & Co.’s modern Design Partners to bring their unique concepts to fruition; while also launching a collection of beautiful signature designs.

The designer melds his sophisticated aesthetic with the most current LED technology to create a new collection inspired by The Bauhaus. The school was founded by Walter Gropius, a modernist architect, in Germany back in 1919. Lavin studied graphic design and fine art prior to founding his own branding agency in the late 1990’s. The multi-talented designer developed a passion for lighting design while building up the Tech Lighting brand.

Lavin’s sketches.
Image courtesy of: Tech Lighting

Lavin employs clean lines, natural materials, and a neutral palette. These design elements work together to make a strong statement, all the while complementing a wide range of design styles. Lavin brings his imagination in conjunction to his experience to each design he creates. The passion he has for design and his love for functional products are the key elements to Tech Lighting’s successful collection.

The artist explains (courtesy of Chicago Design Magazine), “I am fortunate to work with a passionate development team, including world-class designer partners and artisans. Each step throughout the process is an opportunity to collaborate. It never results in compromise- only balance- minting the original design intent while bringing art to life.”

Sedona Wall Sconce. The smoke glass orb is perfectly spherical and smooth on the exterior surface. The interior surface features gradually thickened bands of glass that are hand-crafted by a team of talented artisans.
Image courtesy of: Tech Lighting

Early in his career, Lavin realized that lighting is one of the most important of all design elements. Lighting is vital because it impacts every other design detail… a room’s mood is set by lighting.

Initially, Lavin’s efforts were focused in marketing and branding; however soon enough, Tech Lighting began to rely on the designer for product design. Soon thereafter, Tech Lighting acquired Lavin’s firm and the designer started to dedicate his energy on developing and refining Tech Lighting’s brand. During the following years, Lavin designed the majority of the company’s products; he was also responsible for setting the brand’s direction.

Mara Grande Chandelier
Image courtesy of: Burke Decor

Lavin is credited for designing some of Tech Lighting’s most important collections. One of his most notable designs is the Sputnik-inspired Mara LED Chandelier. The stunning piece features twenty five individual frosted glass LED light sources within the muilt-armed chandelier. The dramatic chandelier makes an impactful statement in any room. The piece is also available in a large version which features forty five individual globes.

Kai 2 Line-Voltage Pendant in Nightshade Black. With modern shapes and reminiscent of traditional Japanese lanterns, Kai 2 was designed with modern LED technology and machined with metal rods that are fastened at perfectly spaced intervals for a balanced look.
Image courtesy of: Tech Lighting

This new collection is stunning and adaptable to so many different locales. Lavin concludes, “There is nothing more inspiring than seeing one of our designs in a live space. Knowing that our team created something that enriches one’s environment is extremely meaningful to all of us.”