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Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern Sculpture Preview

June 21, 2017

We’re thrilled about the fantastic selection at Sotheby’s upcoming Impressionist and Modern Auction this Thursday in London. Please see below as the selection of sculpture offered is iconic and certainly all opportunities for the right collector. We especially admire the collection of the Block Family on offer.

Henry Moore, Reclining Figure, polished bronze. Length 5 1/8 inch (not including base); Length 5 7/8 inch (including base). Conceived in 1938 and cast in 1968-69. Berlin in a numbered edition of 7 plus 1. Estimate $104,000 – $156,000

Courtesy: Sotheby’s [Lot 104]

“Sculpture is like a journey. You have a different view as you return. The three-dimensional view is full of surprises in a way that a two-dimensional world could never be.”  – Henry Moore

Henry Moore, Reclining Figure, bronze. Length 10 inches (not including base); Length 11 inches (including base). Conceived in 1939 and cast in bronze in 1959 in an edition of 8 plus 1. Estimate $324,000 – 453,000

Image courtesy of Sotheby’s [Lot 107]

Barbara Hepworth, Four-Square (Four Circles), bronze. Conceived in 1966 and cast in bronze during the artist’s lifetime by the Morris Singer Foundry, London in a numbered edition of 7 plus 0. Height 23 5/8 inches. Estimate $259,000 – 389,000

I believe that the understanding of the material and the meaning of the form being carved must be in perfect equilibrium,” – Barbara Hepworth

Courtesy of Sotheby’s

Hepworth focused on how her art interacted and contributed to the total experience of all surroundings. She emphasized relationships; not just between two works of art next to one another, but between the human figure and the landscape, color and texture, and most importantly between people at an individual and social level. Hepworth’s realizations of relationships is part of her living legacy at the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden.

Barry Flanagan, Hare on Globe Form, bronze. Conceived and cast in bronze in 1993 by the AB Fine Art Foundry, London in an edition of 12 plus 2.Height 14 inches. Estimate $52,000 – 78,000

Courtesy of Sotheby’s [Lot 109]

Alexander Calder, Double Helix (The Helices), bronze. Conceived in 1944 and cast in bronze in 1944 and 1966 in two editions; this work cast in 1966 in a numbered edition of 6.Height 31 ½ inch. Estimate $259,000 – 389,000

Courtesy of Sotheby’s [Lot 117]

Ju Ming, Taichi Sculpture, bronze. Signed in Chinese and numbered 3-20 on the reverse. Height 26 ¾ inches. Estimate $38,900 – 65,000

Courtesy of Sotheby’s [Lot 120]

As Ju Ming explored the Taichi Series in greater depth, he began to focus on how each martial art tai chi movement flowed from one position into another. This transition phase between movements inspired his later works in the Taichi Series.

We hope for robust bidding activity and look forward to checking the prices realized.